10 Tips to Help You Choose a Fantastic Evening Gown According to Body Shape

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Is your answering machine bombarded with invites to the weddings, ballroom parties, and formal dinners? Are you dreading shopping? Are you one of those shoppers who don’t settle for anything less than what they have thought to be a perfect evening dress? You do have a huge choice for average-looking dresses but it is hard to find those beautiful dresses that catch your eye instantly.

Shopping for formal dresses is perhaps not much fun for most of us – though it may be quite exciting for brides and bridesmaids. If it is the wedding of your cousin, you can make shopping fun in one way. Take your besties along on your shopping jaunt and check out Khaadi clothes and other clothing lines. Don’t forget to check out their collection for formal shrugs and gowns.

Let’s help you shortlist some evening gowns based on some clever tips.

Tips to Pick the Best Evening Gown for Yourself

  1. Consider Your Body Shape.
  2. Go for Neutral Colors.
  3. Consider Your Budget.
  4. Repeat Them!
  5. Go for Something Vintage and Ethnic.
  6. Style and Groom.
  7. Don’t Be Reluctant to Try Versatile Styles.
  8. Accessorize!
  9. Alterations!
  10. Go For Darker Hues.

Consider Your Body Shape

Let’s face it. Not all of us have that perfect hourglass figure. No matter how much you love it, a beautiful dress cannot alter your body shape. If you are unable to pick the right dress for yourself according to your body shape, it would be best to take help from the salesperson. They will pinpoint the styles, which will suit your frame the best.

For instance, for an hourglass body, the dresses, which flatter your waistline and support the bust in the right proportion to the curve of your hips. Similarly, for shorter women, the best choice would be a long gown that accentuates the curves of hips and bust. If you are not finding anything worthy in gowns, go for an A-line dress. That’s always a safe choice!

Go for Neutral Colors

Not an embellished gown person? No worries! Go for neutral colors with a nice flair and minimal embellishments. It is always safe to go for neutral colors, such as taupe, black, fawn, tan, navy blue, white, and so on.

But it also wouldn’t hurt if you own one petite red dress. You need to add a pop of color to your wardrobe too. when you do, wear it with pride!

Consider Your Budget

Hold on! Before you go on an impulsive and extravagant shopping jaunt under the pressure of upcoming events and recklessly overspend and later regret, take a moment to assign a budget.  

If you are on a budget, shopping on clearance and off-season sales would be the best hacks. While shopping, always shortlist a few gowns and then compare their prices. If they are not much different, go for the cheaper one. You are hardly going to wear it thrice!

Repeat Them!

Don’t be one of those snobs who wear a dress only once! Thanks to Kate Middleton for breaking this snobbish trend of never repeating dresses. If you are spending a good amount on a dress, make sure you repeat it. You can pair it with different shoes or purse next time.

Go for Something Vintage and Ethnic

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, go for something vintage and ethnic. If you make time to check out vintage and ethnic stores, you will feel like you hit the jackpot. If you like to be pull off unique and different looks, you will find something here.

Style and Groom

Is your heart set on a gown that is not available in your size? Let us help you here. Get a larger size and seek help from your tailor to mend it with some alterations. You may end up creating something that’s not even available in the market. If you don’t want to rely only on the boutique-bought cuts and styles, make sure you keep a tailor. He can actually make your dress fit to perfection according to your body shape.

Don’t Be Reluctant to Try Versatile Styles

We all love to wear what’s recent and trending. But do you know they have their cons! Firstly, they are insanely expensive. Secondly, once the trend is gone (which is likely to happen soon enough) you will not feel like wearing them. Thirdly, if you hate it when someone is wearing the same thing that you are, then getting your hands on something that’s wildly trending is not for you.

Go for something versatile. You should be able to wear it at least a couple of times. To stay on the trendy yet safe side, go for flattering necklines, whimsical designs, V-necklines, laces on the hem, and so on.


Accessorize wisely! If your gown is already quite embellished, try to add minimal accessories. If you are wearing neutral hues and simple cuts, add an intricate necklace for the bling. You can also go for chokers, pendants to accentuate your neckline and beautiful rings. Choose your shoes and bag carefully. They say a lot of your aesthetic sense and personality.

Remember not to create a cluttered look with an excess of accessories. All you want to add is a little drama. You don’t want it to look heavy and forced.


If you have a strained budget, not to worry! You can get creative with the dresses you already have. combine your tailor’s talent with your creative ideas and you will end up creating masterpieces. You can make petite dresses long and long dresses petite. They will look like brand new dresses straight outta stores without having to spend a penny. What else do you want!

Go for Darker Hues

We all struggle to hide those unwanted pounds. While checking out women’s dresses, go for darker hues such as maroon, black, navy blue, deep shades of purple and greens. They will make you look thinner and elegant.

I hope these tips help you choose your perfect gown. Let us know in the comments below.


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