How Technology Has Made Life Easier for Working Mothers

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Technology has changed billions of lives, to the extent that some of us can’t live without it anymore. Just imagine going about your day without your cell phone. Pretty difficult right? Technology has its dangers for sure but overall, its impact has been positive, especially for working mothers.  

In this article, we’re going to look at some of the ways technology has made life easier for working mothers. 

Grocery Shopping

Before: Mothers had to physically go to the local grocery store and search for items like bread, fluff, and bologna. And if certain items were not in stock then the whole trip could be deemed as a failure. After buying all the groceries, they had to put it in their cars, drive back home, and scream for their kids to unload everything inside. The whole process could take hours. 

Now: Today, mothers can sit in their pajamas, eat some pizza, and shop online from the comfort of their homes. They won’t have to extensively search for items, only to find out its out of stock. A delivery person will arrive at their doorsteps and put the bags on the kitchen counter. The whole process should take 20 mins. 


Before: Back in the day, there were no emails, text messages, social media, or online groups. Mothers had to talk face-to-face with each and every person. They had to keep smiling in order to make others feel at ease. For most of their workday, they had to socialize and network. Greeting cards and phone calls were necessary to remain in touch with old friends and colleagues. 

Now: In this digital age, mothers no longer have to work in the office and leave their kids behind. They can easily work from their homes, not talk to a single person if they choose to do so, and be selective about who they actually want to talk to. Their work hours will still be monitored through employee time tracking software but that’s okay as it will help them avoid procrastination and remain focused on daily tasks. Old friends and colleagues can be easily contacted through social media. 

PTA Meetings

Before: PTA meeting used to be very important and formal affairs. Mothers had to dress up, dues had to be collected, procedures had to be followed, and homemade goodies were served. Mothers couldn’t afford to miss these meetings. How else were they going to find out about what was happening in the school? 

Now: These days, it seems like no one is going to PTA meetings anymore. Mothers can get important information about their kids’ school by following the official page on Facebook or Twitter. They can even read PTA minutes online in their cars as they wait for football practice to end. No wonder PTA memberships are on the decline. 

Children Whereabouts

Before: Mothers had to constantly worry about what they’re kids were up to. They knew that the kids were alright and enjoying their time outside but parents never stop worrying about their children’s well-being. Children had to look for phone booths and inform their mothers about where they were and when they were coming home. 

Now: Technology has brought a lot of assurance to mothers. Most children have their own phones and can easily call or send a text message to their mothers. There are children’s’ wearables that allow mothers to track their whereabouts via GPS. 

Some even provide geofencing, sending an alarm message to mothers if their children go outside a certain location range. Now mothers can safely leave their children with babysitters and elderly relatives. 


Before: In many families, mothers used to dedicate a day, every week, to laundry. They had to spend all day collecting, washing, drying, and then folding each family member’s clothes. Those who went to a laundromat had to wait for their turn.

Now: Laundry apps are becoming popular among the general populace. They pick up your clothes from the doorstep, their prices are comparable to local cleaners, and service quality is usually great. Now mothers just have to gather the clothes, give them to the serviceperson, and then wait for them to be brought back.    


These are just some ways through which technology is making life easier for working mothers. In this digital age, if one has a problem then chances are that people already have a solution for it via technology.  


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