How the PTE coach helped me to score 90?

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I was planning to go abroad for further studies and one of the basic requirements is to test your proficiency in English. I had to take the PTE exam to send a proof of evaluation to different universities and colleges.

I had done thorough research on the PTE exam and there were a lot of people saying that the exam was not easy for non-native English speakers. I told them I had good command over English and was fluent in speaking it. But it seems that it is not just it. You can’t wing it with just that. You also require to know the exam format, how to tackle answers, what to expect during an exam, etc. After hearing that I started to worry. I am a working person and have a 9 to 7 job. I was wondering how I was going to fit the PTE practice into my schedule. That’s when I came across an online PTE training option. I did a lot of study on that option and it seems that was a perfect solution for preparing for my PTE exam.

Benefits of online PTE training

I was allocated a certified and highly experienced trainer who gave me one-to-one attention. This trainer evaluated my performance based on the mock test and practice tests I took. The trainer helped me find out my weaker areas and made me work on them. After working on my weaker areas, when I took the mock test, I noticed that my score had improved.

Online PTE training gave me the flexibility to opt for a group training session or an individual training session and I chose an individual training session because I wanted individual attention.

Online PTE training is the best solution for you if you have a busy schedule and are confused about how to fit the training sessions. I was able to accommodate the session in my free slot after having dinner at night. There is an option to take a late-night training session which suited me the best.

If you have your exam scheduled for next month and are clueless on how to be thorough with PTE exam practice then there is a fast track training option for such students. I had two months left so I did not require to opt for that option. They have to dedicate a little more amount of time at a little more cost. But I feel it’s worth it because the training they provide is excellent. You will get a good score if you dedicatedly work hard.

After every online session I took, a copy of the recorded training video of that particular session was emailed to me so I could refer to it anytime I wanted. This helped me to prepare from it whenever I was stuck about a topic or how to tackle a task. In case, you have missed something during the online training then you can easily look it up and train yourself at your time with the help of it.

What is included in online PTE training?

Online PTE training includes a pool of the following material:

  • A trainer conducted online PTE training sessions on how I should give the exam and how I should write or speak the responses for the given tasks.
  • I was given a bunch of audio recordings that walk me through the different tasks that are asked on the exam and how I can ace the PTE exam.
  • The trainer gave me a lot of mock tests and practice tests and evaluated my performance based on my responses. This gave me a rough idea of how much I would score on the real PTE exam. Mock tests have the same exam format as that of the real PTE exam. This helped me to be prepared for what to expect on the exam and how to handle the pressure. They also made me get comfortable with the test environment by working in deadlines as every section is timed and you need to write or speak your response within that time limit.
  • There were a lot of documents on strategy and tips to ace the exam. These include what you should do and what you should avoid. These documents helped me avoid making the most common errors that exam takers usually tend to make.
  • Several Vocabulary and Grammar exercises were given to me that helped me to improve my vocabulary base and grammar. If you use wrong words in sentences you end up losing points.

Online PTE training helps me to get thoroughly prepared for the PTE exam and I was able to get a score of 90 on it. This was surely not an easy target but proper guidance, hard work and dedication helped me to ace the exam.