How to Get Your CBD Products Noticed?

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When it comes to marketing messages, it is said that an average person needs to see your ad at least seven times before he or she pays attention to it. Unfortunately, technology is evolving the marketing practices at such a pace that this old rule is now considered an ancient practice. However, it highlights how hard getting noticed can be sometimes.

Your brand is an extension of who you are and what you do. That’s why it should reflect a positive image of your business. It helps reassure your customers and make them want to buy from you. 

CBD brands aren’t an exception. Regardless of the fact that CBD products promise a myriad of health benefits the contradiction between FDA and state laws to allow imposters to take advantage of customer confusion and sell fake or mediocre products. As a result, new CBD brands are struggling to convince customers to buy their products.   

To help these businesses make a mark for themselves, here we have charted out four key elements that can get their CBD products in the limelight and give them repeat business.        

Unique Logo

A logo is a brand’s identity that includes name, symbol, trademark or specified colors. To stand out in a competitive market, you need to create a unique and striking logo that resonates with your target customers. If it doesn’t resound with your audience or fails to capture the essence of your brand, you are more likely to lose your customers even before they get to try your product.   

A base-level study of colors can help you understand what colors mean and represent. Though they are subject to personal choice and don’t mean the same to every individual, there are certain things we tend to associate with them. For example, yellow seems to communicate warmth and optimism, while blue represents strength and trust.

Knowing these triggers can help you choose the right color combination for your logo. McDonald’s, for instance, uses yellow for its prominent “M”. Coca-Cola is known all around the globe for using red, while Fanta’s soda cans for orange. Likewise, font choice is another critical consideration. In addition, the shape of your brand’s logo also plays a major part in creating an impression on customers.

Finally, you need to come up with a distinct design. If designing isn’t your cup of tea, it’s best to get the services of a professional graphic designer or engage a packaging and printing company that provides Free design services, like The Legacy Printing.

You should also acquaint yourself with the latest design trends. It’ll enable you to pick the best design for your logo. For example, flat design is still very much in favor. Several leading brands have opted for flat designs that are simple and attractive.  

Custom Packaging

Each year, 30,000 new products are introduced and 95% of them fail. The reason is quite simple: A high percentage of customers don’t have the time to gauge the advantages and disadvantages of the products. As a result, they used the shortest route to reach a decision. That quickest way is product packaging. 

Think of Apple’s iPhone for instance. For most smartphone aficionados, the iconic white box of the cellphone is more recognizable. Thanks to minimalist packaging and clean design. Likewise, Tiffany & Co.’s symbolic robin’s-egg blue box can be easily recognized from a distance.      

This shows that packaging can set your product and brand apart from others, if done right. Owing to this, a lot of savvy CBD startups are now looking to create a memorable unboxing experience. Meaning, they are indulging in custom packaging.

A custom CBD box packaging is essential for a growing startup because it drives sales by improving a company’s overall appeal. Wondering how it influences a company’s sales?

Bespoke CBD packaging is specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of a brand. This makes custom CBD box packaging boxes more functional, durable and appealing than traditional encasements, which makes it more engaging and tempting. Ultimately, it boosts sales and helps brands improve their bottom line.   

In contrast, unexciting packaging has a more dramatic effect. Owing to its poor material, design, finishing, graphics and color contrasts, a dull packing discourages prospects to buy from you.

Influencer Marketing

Joining forces with leading influencers can also give your CBD products valuable and widespread exposure. Here are some interesting stats about influencer marketing:

As a result, 75% of marketers are now using influencer marketing, states SocialTimes. But the key to success is finding the right influencers who resound with your brand. Though it sounds obvious, failing to find the right influencers can prove to be a costly mistake. Because you’ll never be able to tell your customers who you are, how good your medical cannabis product is, and why they should buy from you.  

On the other hand, if the right influencer can lend credibility to your business, you may not even have to convince people to buy your products. The best way to proceed in this regard is by interviewing them. And, consider how influencers can collaborate with you and get your brand and products in the spotlight.

Email Marketing

Ever wondered how you can get your CBD products in front of the target audience on a frequent basis? How can you increase your brand awareness and visibility in the cluttered market space? 

Well, email marketing is the answer. It helps you reach many potential customers at once and encourages them to buy your CBD products. By frequently delivering the content your audience needs, you can build a lasting relationship with your subscribers. Because once you piqued their interest, they will be eager to hear from you every week. 

That said, coming up with a strong email list is not as easy as it may sound. But this isn’t something that cannot be achieved. Offering a free eBook or guide on your website will allow you to collect many emails.

Besides this, running Facebook ads can also let you grow your email list in no time. Likewise, you can offer free tutorial videos and promote your newsletter signup throughout your site to collect more email addresses.  


From these facts, one can conclude that branding plays a vital role in business success. Therefore, it’s important to get it right. Once you are able to create an attractive brand, you can seduce customers because they have developed a positive brand perception. By then, all you get to do is keep them engaged so you can draw them in when they are looking for products you offer.