What Should you Know Before you Sell Car in Dubai?

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It can be easy and convenient to sell car in Dubai if you know where to make the sale and what type of platforms you should avoid. These are two of the most important things that every car seller should know as it helps in making a safe and convenient sale without compromising the profit. There is a wide range of car selling and buying platforms in the market but it is not guaranteed that every platform will be reliable. This is why it is helpful and essential for every car seller to know about the reliable platforms and the platforms that are not very suitable to make a sale.

Here are the details of some popular platforms so you can identify which platforms to avoid and which platform you should use to sell your car in Dubai.

Should you Sell Car in Dubai to Professional Car Dealers?

Professional car dealers have been in the business of selling and buying used vehicles for years which gives them the benefit of experience, negotiation skills and knowledge about the car market trends. There are a great number of experienced people who feel easy in making the sale to professional car dealers as they have some relevant information about car selling. However, the question remains whether selling a car in Dubai to professional car dealers is a suitable way for you to make the sale for the first time or not. Professional car dealers can manipulate the situation and they can easily convince the car sellers to settle for the deals they offer. Car sellers are also likely to visit one dealer after another to get a fair and good deal which will exhaust their time and money. Car sellers won’t be able to sell car in Dubai with a peace of mind and in a stress-free way as they won’t be able to detect scams and frauds with ease. Therefore, even though it is a popular way to sell cars through professional car dealers for experienced car sellers it is important for you to know that you should not make a sale to car dealers if don’t want to compromise your convenience, safety and profit.

Should you Sell Car through Classified Websites?

The second most popular way to sell your car in Dubai is to make the sale through online platforms and classified websites are one of the commonly used online platforms. Classified website is however, popularly used because it targets a large number of audience and increases the chances for car sellers to get good deals from potential buyers. It has a simple process to sell car in Dubai and can be easily followed by people who hesitate while using online platforms.

Car sellers can simply advertise their vehicle with high-quality images of the car and their contact information and wait for the potential buyers to make the offers. If they like the offers they can choose to meet the buyers, finalize the deal and sell the vehicle. However, if you are looking to sell a vehicle to a classified website then you will have to wait for the potential buyers to make offers and you will have to look out for scams as this platform does not provide any safety against scams and frauds.

Should you Sell Car to Specialist Car Buying Website?

Selling a car in Dubai will become one of the easiest and most convenient things to do if you make the sale to a specialist car buying website. This is because a specialist car buying website is an authentic and reliable car buying platform where every car seller can sell car in Dubai in a safe, convenient and easy way. This platform purchases vehicles from the sellers as soon as they want to sell it so there are no delays. It helps car sellers to know the estimated price of their vehicle in the market so there are no scams and frauds when it comes to the price of the car.

You can make the sale to specialist car buying website from the comfort of your home. You can evaluate your car through an online car value calculator on the basis of your car’s look, condition and more. You can then book an appointment with the experts, finalize a deal, sell your vehicle and get your payment. This platform is user-friendly, free-to-use, safe and helps sellers to sell the vehicle at a fair price, therefore, make the sale to specialist car buying website.


If you are looking to sell car in Dubai then you must have the information mentioned above in detail to have a safe and successful car selling experience. The details about the platforms will help you to analyze which platform to use and which to avoid while making the sale