Be the First Company Your Customers Remember to Call

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Vanity numbers are proven to be an effective way for customers to retain your number better. Be the first ones they remember to call the next time they need to use your services.

What’s the easiest way to get people to remember a complicated password or term? Associate a word with it! That is exactly what vanity numbers are all about. Rather than have people try to remember a long phone number that is quickly forgotten, get a vanity numbers that will keep your business at the very top of their mind the next time they reach for their phone.

 Can Vanity Numbers Boost Your Business?

 It may be surprising for you to learn that vanity phone numbers get used nearly 300%more than regular phone numbers. This means increased calls for your business over that of your competitors. Vanity numbers can certainly help to drive up revenues for your business if you plan to get one.

Increase the marketing rate

Can be used to increase the marketing rate of the company.they can figure out where their markets are concentrated. Because these numbers can show the details of the contact person, the company can easily use them to track market behavior and know where to sell. Instead of using expensive methods to search the market and find out where they are making more money, they can use the service not only to make and receive calls but also to assess their concentration in terms of the market. Of the data, they collect using these phone numbers, may decide to advertise more in areas where there is no huge market or focus on strengthening the current market.

Make your company look professional:

A vanity number that incorporates a word that describes your business tends to make your company look like they are really passionate about what they do.

Easy to recall, so you stay top of mind:

Words associated with your business make it easy to remember you the next time they need to restock. For instance, this delivery bags service has the vanity number 1-888-501-BAGS, which means retailers can easily remember it the next time they want to place an order.

Get your customers to respond better to ads:

Online ads that feature a vanity number show a much better response rate compared to ads that have an ordinary series of numbers as a contact phone number. See the improved conversion rates for yourself by using vanity numbers for your business.

When advertising, these numbers have a higher success rate of being remembered and thus being used. Simple numbers are often forgotten so even when people require a particular service, they have nowhere to call.

 If a vanity number is used, the rate of people calling the service comparatively increases. Surveys show that the responsiveness of people to advertising increases by up to 30%from the use of vanity numbers.

How Do I Get One?

When it comes to picking out the right vanity number for your business, you need to make sure it is memorable and something that people will be able to associate with your business. There are vanity number services provider in different cities who goes the extra mile to not just help activate your vanity number for you, but also helps to pick out the perfect number that will really give you better returns. Just give our sales team a call so that we can help figure out which vanity number you should get for your business.