4 Things To Keep In Mind Before Investing In A Biometric Machine

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A Biometric machine is not just used to track the working hours of an employee. Instead, it helps in regularizing the attendance, marking the leaves, measuring overtime hours, and ensuring punctuality.

However, before the invention of the biometric machines, all the tasks were executed by the HR department manually. Manual management of each employee’s leaves and payrolls consumed a good amount of time and created a scope for errors. Thus, a biometric machine is essential for every organization to maintain fair and just employee records.

How Did Biometric Machines Gain Popularity?

The mandate for the biometric machine increased as the organizations learned about its efficacy. Due to the increased demand, biometric machine price was made affordable, making it easier for every organization, big or small, to install in their offices. The biometric machine tracks the person through the sign-in and sign-out punching.

Later on, many educational, medical and commercial organizations adopted biometric machines to regularise their systems and thus, it became a popular management tool. At the same time, while emerging as a great management tool, biometric machines were also getting accepted as a reliable safety system for households. In case if you are planning to buy a biometric machine, then you must consider these four points before investing in it:

Biometric Machine Price

The biometric machine price is affordable depending upon your requirement. Chalk out your budget and list down what you expect from the machine. Then, decide according to your requirements and the type of security that suits you and your organization the best.

The price of the machine will entirely depend on the quality and security you want it to deliver. Thus, the biometric machine price is one of the most important factors to consider before going all in.

Security Type

The second thing after deciding your budget is to acknowledge the type of biometric security you want to install. Do you need just the fingerprint scanner?Or the one with the retina scanner as well? You can also opt for a security system with a fingerprint and PIN.

For small and mid-level organizations fingerprint scanner is considered to be enough. But for bigger organizations dealing with more sensitive data, such as banks or research labs, more advanced systems arerequired.


Apart from the security type and biometric machine price, you need to choose one out of the two types of biometric machines available in the market. With the help of a TCP/IP port, one type of biometric machine is connected with a computer for charging while the other is wireless.

WiFi Connection

To go for the biometric machine connected with WiFi would be a smart choice for two reasons, one being the easy accessibility and the other being the absence of any other physical media.

Maintenance Fees

As discussed above,you need to decide your budget considering your need and requirement as the biometric machines are available at low and higher prices in the market. The biometric machine price is based on their quality and security features.

Thus, if you go for a higher quality machine from a reputed brand like KENT, you will have to bear the minimum maintenance cost. Besides, such brands also offer a warranty that makes the maintenance cost almost negligible.

Storage Capacity

Every biometric machine has a storage capacity of a certain number. You need to pick one according to your need carefully. Whether it is 10 or 1000, it is essential to understand the requirement and then move ahead. It is advisable to consider the hiring rate and the number of existing employees before investing in a biometric machine.

Your Way Forward

Remember that it is very important to consider the points mentioned above before investing in a biometric machine. Here, the quality and the biometric machine price being the most important, it is advisable to go for reputed brands like KENT. Their KENT CamAttendance is a touchless attendance solution with enhanced security features like facial recognition, leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Computer Vision to capture and cognize an employee’s face.

Additionally,CamAttendance stores all employees’ data securely while empowering a smooth workflow.  If you need more details, you can check their webpage or contact their team for more solutions in detail!

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