5 Not-So-Discussed Factors That Determine Students’ Success at College

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People believe success in college is related to students’ IQ. They are definitely right, but partially. Success at college does not entirely depend on students’ IQ, there are many factor factors not commonly discussed. Many of these are determining factors that produce a successful college graduate.

These factors can be intrinsic and extrinsic – affecting students’ ability to learn, staying productive and getting their work done on time – ultimately affecting their overall grades and performance in college.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the five not so commonly discussed factors that determine students’ success at college.

1.    Study Habits

Even the most intelligent of students are unable to find success at college with poor study habits. Hence this makes study habits one of the prime factors when it comes for students to find success at their college studies.

Sure college success is definitely linked by how diligent and disciplined a student is towards studying. But that doesn’t mean student spending hours in the library with books will always get good grades. It’s important to prioritize your days to fit in the appropriate amount of time to digest the study material you have read. It means you know when to study and what to study at an appropriate time without getting any distractions getting in your way. It also means saying no to extracurricular and social activities when it’s crucial to spend more time on your studies.

2.    Stress Management

Not having the ability to handle stress can be the single biggest reason for students’ doing poorly at their studies. Students that take a lot of stress usually end up getting poor grades at their studies. They clearly don’t have the ability to manage their studies which makes it tough for them to be able to get done with their work the right way.

Learning how not to take on too much load from college and keeping a good balance between studies and social life is one way of managing your stress. Another way of coping with your stress is to develop a healthy relationship with your friends at college and your family members. Students should remember college can become a lot difficult and stressful when they have virtually no strong social support.

3.    Self-Belief and Self-Confidence

A student’s self-belief and self-confidence go a long way in giving them the success they are looking at their studies. Students that a firm belief on their abilities are generally found better at their studies, meanwhile students with self-confidence are found to handle difficult situations in their college in a much better way.

Such students know they can definitely achieve their academic goals. And no matter how much tough it would get, they can accomplish their dreams of graduating from college with their persistent effort. Their self-belief and self-confidence acts like a driving force which help students to find all the success they need at their college life.

4.    Fitness

With a lot of study tasks at hands, taking care of fitness is the last thing college students have in their minds – something that they shouldn’t avoid at all no matter how busy is their schedule.

In a recent study, it has been found there has been a correlation between a student’s academic performance and their physical activity. In the study, it was found that students who spend a bit of time getting involved in some of the healthy physical activity on a daily basis had better overall performance than those who didn’t. This is because when physical activity increases oxygen flow to your brain and releases endorphins, a chemical that helps improve mood.

Therefore, students’ fitness levels are also a key determinant of their performance levels at their college – something that is also time and again emphasized by the experienced writers working at the premium essay writing service UK.

5.    Health

Finally, if a student is not taking care of his health , chances are he or she has a less chance of succeeding at college. Researchers have found that students who don’t take care of their health are less likely to do well in their higher studies. That means lack of sleep, excessive screen time, tobacco, alcohol use and other health issues that have a direct impact on students’ academic performance at college.

Students who are engaged in such behaviours are more likely to get into stress, tend to have mental health issues, and record lower GPAs. It’s been suggested by researchers that students should change their unhealthy behaviours to increase their chances of earning better grades at college.

The Bottom Line

Students’ IQ is definitely a solid determinant of their success at academics. However, they are always other factors that also play a crucial role in students’ academic success at college – factors which are not always considered by academics when determining students’ success.

The above discussed were some factors that always play an important role in students’ success at college apart from their IQ. No matter which area students are specializing at, and no matter where they are located, their habits, ability to manage stress, self-belief, self-confidence, fitness and health are key things to look at when determining their success.