5 Places You Should Visit In Croatia

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Croatia is known to be the best Europe’s top tourist destination for decades attracting millions of visitors each year since it has a vast of attractions sites.It harbors great wealth of stunning natural attractions that anyone enjoys hanging out in.It has a long coastline with lots of islands and beaches for sun lovers.It is recognized globally as to harbor world heritage site.It is a small country which is geographically diverse with so much to offer to the world in terms of adventure.Since it has great attraction sites for its visitors,there are best site destinations for the first timer visitors that should consider.


It is among the oldest and largest national park.It is world famous since its sub lakes are seen as cascades.16 lakes are observed from the surface which are due to several small rivers.The lakes are well known due to their different colors that ranges from green ,grey, or blue and also they can change from depending on the mineral quantity or organisms present in water or the angle of the sunlight. They also have names given from live events.

There are waterfalls at the upper lakes,fishes,wooden paths,water flowing across mossy cascades and distant falls.Though the game park has the lake it also harbors too many endemic species that existed in the lake even before the mankind arrival and existence.


the second largest city of Croatia.It is an intraregional transport hub and tourist destination.It has great culture and traditions that are still upheld.There are archeological museum with special collection of stone inscriptions,ancient clay lamps,Roman glass,bones, metal articles and gems collections are of attractions in Croatia. Also Split is one of the easiest cities to find Croatia property in.

There is also Croatian Maritime Museum that has collection of marine equipment’s,ship models,medals,navigation equipment’s and related artwork are also of attraction.Popular music is an attraction to many individual.Sports also attracts great number of people in Split.


This is an island of great beauty.Its has great historic periods,culture,and also natural monuments and literature.It has mild climates favorable to its visitors.Has vast fields of ancient olive trees,vineyards,and fields of lavender that attracts great number of visitors.It has rich great rich culture and historic heritage,beautiful beaches,high quality accommodation,hotels,crystal blue sea that attracts many visitors.


This island is well known for its dense forests and and ancient Greeks.There are events and annual international festivals that showcase selection of the worlds leading ensembles and soloists.The festivals are carried out when there are more people to enjoy around summer months.The events may include the famous Moreska dance,art exhibitions,singing and dancing and folklore evenings.Transport here attracts tourist greatly that includes a great regular ferry.


The beauty of the old town greatly attracts many people.It is a seaport and a major tourist destination.Annual Dubrovnik summer festival events with live plays,concerts and games.It has tourist beaches and monuments like the Bokar fortress.The walls of Dubrovnik attracts many visitors which is also a popular filming location.It has an airport of its own and a network of modern buses that aids in transportation of visitors in the city.There are many destinations site in Croatia that are really of adventure