5 Pros and Cons of Laser Treatment for Acne Scars

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Oh them ugly acne scars. I guess the men and women of the world can unite on one thing and that is their mutual hate for the acne scars. Neither does the woman adore the idea of acne scars ruining their otherwise beautiful skin? Nor do the men appreciate the sight of these ugly scars on their faces, should they suffer from them. Over the years, people have shared a lot of remedies that make these stubborn scars go away. But looks like they are more stubborn than anyone imagined. Because they DO NOT vanish. The other day, a lifestyle show was on the air. Thanks to services like Spectrum Double Play on Spectrum HBO, you get access to such channels. Anyway, the dermatologist on that show shared that laser treatment is a safer and a better option to treat acne scars. Upon researching, I found out that laser treatment too comes with its set of pros and cons.

Let’s look at some of the pros first before we jump to discussing the cons.


Your grandmothers might promote home remedies, but we all are well aware that they do not work all the time. Not to forget that the results are not permanent either, many times. But with the laser treatment, the results will be permanent. Your acne scars won’t appear again. However, you should know that this will not happen in a matter of just one session. You will notice the difference after a couple of sessions.  The change will not be drastic. It will be gradual but it will make a noticeable difference. And once you have successfully gotten rid of the scars, you are done with them forever. However, you need to take care of your skin after that and stay away from things that you think can cause acne.


You do not have to take medication or follow a treatment that targets your whole body. The laser treatment for acne scars will target just the specific area. Which means that the only areas on your face that have acne scars will be treated through laser. The rest of your body and even face will remain untouched. It is that specific.


When you opt for laser treatments, you should be glad that no chemicals will touch your skin. Apart from that, the treatment does not involve any additives either. These things often cause allergies in most people. But Their absence means that you can have a safe treatment without any allergies on your skin. You will just feel a little irritation when the heat energy from the apparatus reaches your skin. Many people do not even feel that. But if you have sensitive skin, you will complain about this slight inconvenience. However, after 1-2 sessions, you will adapt yourself to it.


If there is anything as effective as laser treatment, name it. I am sure you won’t be able to. The thing about laser treatments is that they are effective. Perhaps, this is reason enough for people to go crazy after this treatment. Many patients report a noticeable change even after the first session. Others take 2-3 sessions to see a difference in their skin. The results vary from one skin type to the other. But rest assured, the scars vanish. Although, they might take 1-2 more session than the others to deliver the same result. But it is the most effective treatment on the block.

Having talked about all the pros, let’s have a look at the cons of the laser treatments.


The first and foremost con is the price of the treatment, of course. This is no myth but laser treatments tend to be a bit hefty on your pocket. Many people refrain from getting it due to this reason. But if you weigh this con against the permanent result that you will get, you will most probably opt for this option.


Not every doctor is certified or has the equipment to carry out a laser treatment. Although, the number will be unnoticeable in today’s era. Because almost every dermatologist has the equipment for laser treatment.

Not Insured

This is yet another con of laser treatments. They are not insured. The insurance agencies refuse to cover laser treatments. Just like they refuse to cover the skin rejuvenation treatments.

A Dash of Pain

If you opt for laser over home remedies, you will have to tolerate a bit of pain. Because some of the treatments are actually painful. No, they are not painful to the extent that they make you scream. But they cause slight irritation. Hence, be prepared!

In case you are wondering what various laser treatments look like. You can always spare time to watch interesting videos on YouTube. This could actually be a good travel gig. Watching interesting videos while commuting from one place to another. If you are sure that Spectrum service area covers all the places that you will pass through during your commute, go for it. You can thank me later.