5 Simple And Easy Ways You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprints

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Global warming is a pressing issue that affects people in every corner of the world. The effects of global warming have resulted in the form of climatic changes that result in heat stroke every year. The release of carbon dioxide in the air is one of the major factors that contribute to globalwarming.

Based on a surveythe Statista, the carbon dioxide emission has reached 36.2 billion metric tons in2016. This drastic increase in carbon emission has made many governments to run awareness programs about carbon consumption.

It is about time that we adopt an environmental-friendly lifestyle and do our bit to reduce the carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Here we are going to present some of the ways you can reduce your carbon footprints and preserve the planet from environmental damage global-warming research of some of the eminent Essay writers UK.

1.     Reduce Your Meat Consumption

Meat consumption is one of the biggest factors behind growing carbon footprints. Part of this scenario is associated with the fact that animal remains are a source of fossil fuels which is a major contributor to carbon emission in the environment.In other words, if we eat more animal meat then we will add more to the quantity of carbon in the air which will have negative repercussions on our environment.

Based on a report published in Our World, it is stated that meat consumption will grow up to 75%by 2050. Certainly, it is going to have negative consequences on our climate.So if you want to reduce your carbon footprints then you need to restrict your consumption of meat.

2.     Limit Your Monthly Driving Mileage

Driving car is another way you add to the carbon percentage in the air. The good news is that Great Britain has significantly lowered the carbon dioxide emission in the last sixteen years according to a survey  by Statista.

Based on the data in the survey, the average carbon dioxide emission has declined to 144.3 grams per kilo meter in 2017 which is significantly lower than the figures in the past sixteen years.

Since your car uses fossil fuel, it releases the carbon dioxide in the air which in turn damages the ozone layers and contributes in every warming. To reduce your share of carbon emission, you need to find more environmental-friendly transportation alternatives, such as cycling, carpooling and electric cars.

3.     Grow Plants In Your Home

Deforestation increases the quantity of carbon dioxide in the air. According to Global Forest Atlas, industrial agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation that wiped out 80% of forests between 2000 and 2010. While wedon’t have control over the industrial agriculture business, we can certainly mitigate its effects by growing more plants in the vicinity of our home.

4.     Turn Off Lights

This is one of the most common ways we can reduce the carbone mission. A report by the University of Cambridge states that if we could turn off 10 lights in our workplace, it will help us save as much carbon dioxide as we would generate during 50 car trips from Cambridge to London.

So if you could just switch off the lights in your home and workplace and you could save plenty of carbon dioxide without breaking a sweat.

5.     Recycle Your Used Items

Recycling is an environmental-friendly way you can dispose of your old goods and save plenty of carbon dioxide. In America alone, 49,577metric tons of carbon dioxide was saved with help of recycling of 31,2000metric tons of polyethylene terephthalate bottles, according to Statista.

So rather than throwing away your used items carelessly in the junk, you should give them to a recycling facility and save the Earth from environmental damage.

The above mentioned are some ways you can reduce your carbon footprints and save the plant from environmental damage.