5 Tips To Decorate Your Home For The Festival Season Without Burning Your Pocket

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It is the time of the year that we have been waiting for! A time of joy, celebrations, and laughter. The festive season is upon us, and we should all be ready to make the best of it, especially this year, when the festivities might be slightly different!

Most of our celebrations will be indoors; hence the need to redecorate your interiors is even higher to get those festive vibes!

The first step in preparing for the festive season is to declutter your home and clear things out! However, even though we are brimming with excitement, there is only so much we can spend on home decorations for the festive season. If you are wary of spending a fortune on festive decorations, then hold on tight because we are about to share five tips on how to decorate your home for festivals without spending a lot!

Rearrange Your Furniture

We often get bored with our home interiors, and we might feel like changing it. We assume that it will burn a hole in our pocket! Hence, redecorating for just the festive times seems to be out of the question!

Well, we have the perfect hack for you! What a lot of people underestimate is the power of some simple rearranging of furniture! Move around your furniture and switch the positioning of some furniture! If you are in the mood for some extra experimentation, you can swap the two rooms’ furniture.

For the festive season, you should arrange your home to become spacious to accommodate your friends and family gathering. Think of pushing your furniture closer to the walls and try to keep enough space for everyone.

Get The Perfect Lighting

The festive season is all about lights! Whether it is the Diwali festival, Dussera, Navratri, or Christmas, lights are common for all the celebrations! You need to put up the brightest fairy lights and make your home a radiant and warm place! There are different kinds of lights that you can add to your room and make it glow.

  • You can add diya’s or candles to give your home a soft festive glow. Both of these options are very affordable and also entirely sustainable.
  • Fairy lights are yet another option that will not be too heavy on your pockets! Getting one reel or two can be enough to light up your home and give a dreamy Insta worthy backdrop.
  • Paper lanterns are another trendy Festive lights. They add a gorgeous look to your home and instantly give you festive vibes. You can make these lanterns yourself or purchase a bunch of them at nominal prices.

Use Adornments and Other Decorations

Other than lighting, you can employ colors to enliven your home! Make a gorgeous Rangoli at your doorstep to welcome all the guests and spread the festive cheer! You can use different colors, patterns, and designs!

Flower decorations are also a great idea. Not only do flowers make your home look beautiful, but they also make your home aromatic and instantly make you feel joyful and festive. You can use flowers in multiple ways. Create flower garlands and wrap them around staircase railings, mantelpieces, and door handles. You can also make a flower centerpiece or put flowers in a water bowl.

There are other paper or bead adornments that you can use to decorate your doorways, window panes, and walls. These are some options for economical decorations. You may find similar ideas with other materials too!

Add Affordable New Furnishings

Sometimes, your home may not be equipped for accommodating guests during a festival. Do not worry! There are several options for you too. You can buy affordable furniture on a budget online.

The best option for this is plastic furniture. Plastic furniture is sustainable in the long run and comes in a wide variety of styles and colors! The unique designs and colors can brighten up your home during the festivities!

You can get a multipurpose trolley that can be supremely useful during the celebrations. You can use it to serve drinks and food. If you have a crunch in terms of seating, you can buy affordable plastic chairs in different colors without spending a lot. These items can serve you in the future as well.

Upcycle Your Items into Decor Items

This is where you can get creative and have a lot of fun, alongside saving a fortune! Get your scissors, glue, and paints ready for it’s time to DIY! These are budget-friendly decoration ideas that will make your home look stunning!

  • As mentioned before, you can use candles as a form of lighting. But you can make a candleholder! If you have some mason jars lying around, you can place candles in them, wrap the jar’s mouth with a ribbon, and voila! You have a beautiful candleholder!
  • This idea is a little eccentric! Nonetheless, it has multiple benefits. Take half an orange peel. Make it in the shape of a bowl. Pour some melted wax in it and add a wick. Let the wax dry out. After it has dried, you can light your DIY orange diya. Not only will it look adorable, but it would smell better than any scented candle!
  • Do you have colorful bangles lying about in your home? The ones that may not fit anymore, the ones which do not have pairs or just the ones that don’t go with anything; Well, bring them out now! Bunch up these bangles using a ribbon and tie them together. You can use this circular bangle bunch as a gorgeous decor item!
  • If you do not want to buy flowers for decorating your home, you can still achieve the same look by using a simple DIY! Buy some crimped paper in a few different colors. Cut them in the shape of flowers. Paste 2-3 cuttings of the same color one on top of the other to give it a multi petalled look! Make as many flowers as you like. You can either connect them using a ribbon or use them individually as decorative items!

If you have reached till here, you know the secret tips to make your home ready for the festive season without spending a lot! So what are you waiting for? Get your house festive and party-ready!
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