8 Surprising Careers That Start With a Cosmetology License

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Are you one of those who would like to go beyond a salon chair? Do you have a Cosmetology license? Then, stop sweating. You are on the right site.

We have seen a lot of young people who want to pursue a career in beauty but don’t want to stop just behind a salon chair. So, if you are one of them, then this article is for you. It’s common to not know what to do after receiving a cosmetology license. But if you are sure to have a career in beauty, then we have got some amazing careers that you can start with a cosmetology license.

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Let us now figure out the best career option for you from the list provided in this article. Let’s dive right in!

8 Career options with a cosmetology license

Over here, we have listed out a few career options that you can pursue with a cosmetology license. Every career is explained in detail on how it works and what you will need in order to pursue. Let us now look into each one of these careers in detail.

1.   Personality or Celebrity Stylist

This one is a dream come true career. With a cosmetology license, you can now become a personality or celebrity stylist. Imagine yourself as being the one to style your favorite celebrity. You can give a celebrity a different kind of hairstyle that makes them look awesome.

Before going in front of the camera, be it a musician, actor, anchor, all tend to have a personal stylist. You can be their own personal stylist. You will need to have time management skills, patience, and flexibility to work with other people. Since it’s a demanding job, you will have to be very mindful of your choices and preferences.

2.   Fashion Show Stylist

Fashion show stylists are the people who run things behind the stage. People come to see fashion shows to get some kind of inspiration for makeup and hairstyles. Being a fashion show stylist, you will have to be innovative and not disappoint them.

You will have to be a team player to collaborate with the designers and model to work smoothly. In addition to that, you need to be brave enough to take risks. Most importantly you need to be creative and artistic. You can not make the models walk down the ramp with poor makeup or hairdo. It has to be amazing and inspiring. Your work must lift the person’s look.

3.   Tattoos and Piercings

This is an interesting job where you get to be creative almost at all times. Some people like to get tattoos and piercings. So, you can definitely make a good profit out of this job.

To succeed in this job, you will have to know how to use the tools and give importance to hygiene. You will need to have different designs and ideas for your customers to choose from. Do not use the same designs as it may become boring.

4.   Salon Manager

Are you someone who likes to look over things? To make sure your salon runs smoothly without any hassles? Then this is for you. You can become a salon manager and look after the administration and working mechanism of the salon.

You can also start your own salon and become a salon owner. You must have the ability to lead a team with good leadership skills. In addition to that, you should have knowledge about how to run a business. You should make sure that your clients are happy with the service that your salon provides.

5.   Theatre and Film Stylist

This career requires a lot of hard work on your part. You need to do in-depth homework to bring out the required look. In this career option, you will have to bring out the character through his looks and hairstyle. One needs to be skilled and creative to know which will suit one and bring the character alive.

The styling should be in such a way that it is visible to every person in the audience, especially the ones at the back row seats. You need to use different techniques and products to bring out the final look. Constant research on the past would be of more help.

6.   Editorial and Advertising Stylist

This is an important career for everyone involved in the editorial and advertising field. All the models, photographers, and stylists are of great importance. There has to be a good rapport among the three to pull this off.

Great people have reached great heights beginning from small photoshoots only. This is an important career where the stylist has to be able to provide a great variety of looks and stay organized.

You can start by working for a company and later work individually after you have a good portfolio to flaunt. The editorial and advertising stylist must be capable of making an innocent girl look like a cunning girl.

7.   Platform Artist

This career is similar to the traveler. Just kidding (a little). Being a platform artist, you will be able to travel to new places and locations. People you style are going to be performing in a live show. They could be instructors, live entertainers, or even a master stylist. They usually perform on stage, be it a hair show or a makeup show.

You will have to be knowledgeable about different hair care tips, skincare routines, and makeup tips for the people with questions.  Be clear enough to clear people’s doubts. You should know how to inspire and interest people by doing a wonderful job as a platform artist.

8.   Cosmetology Instructor or Educator

Are you someone who likes teaching people about cosmetology? Then this career option is totally for you. To become a great cosmetologist or anything great in this field, one needs to have a good cosmetology instructor or educator in their life.

He/she can provide instructions in a salon, a workshop, or anywhere. They can also be a blogger or vlogger where they can share their knowledge on cosmetology and encourage the budding cosmetologists.

The instructor must be willing to develop their own skills that will come in handy to teach their students. Especially, they should know about skincare routines as people will definitely wish to know about them. One should also constantly update their knowledge about cosmetology and skills to be a great educator.

Closing Thoughts

Cosmetology is a beautiful career where you add beauty to the existing one. It brings out one’s creativity in the form of hairstyles, makeup, and many more. You don’t have to stick to just that as we hope you are now aware of the different possibilities with a cosmetology license.

Make sure you do your best in whichever career you are about to choose.

Good luck!

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