8 ways to share links on Instagram

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Instagram is used by millions of people worldwide and marketers find this platform intriguing for this exact reason. 

Are you trying to find ways to adjust your links on Instagram? 

Let’s cut to the chase and focus on some interesting ways on how you can share links on Instagram.

1.     Bio

Perhaps the simplest and effective method to introduce your link on Instagram is by adding it in your bio. Users will visit your ID and they will find the link without digging deep in your Instagram posts. However, your posts belonging to the past won’t mean much when the link in your bio is different. But Instagram has the facility to add permanent stories on your profile; add the link in those stories and regularly update your bio without worrying about anything.

2.    Link service

What is a link service? As the name suggests, you can click a single link to arrive at a plethora of links to choose from. This is an excellent resource to use since it’s:

a.    Presentable

b.    Efficient

c.    Easy

d.    Appealing, if designed correctly

You can choose different concepts to match your Instagram page. For example, your page has a blue theme, make sure that the link tree has a similar color—this will add perfection to your work. Additionally, be certain that the link service suits all devices and is not restricted in any way or they will deter users from coming to your page in the future.

3.    Swipe up

Do you have limited promotion schemes? Or weekly events? Perhaps seasonal giveaways? Or gifts now that your page has recently hit 10k followers? Swipe up is just what you need!

Stories are a great way to communicate your message to the audience without making noise and since you have the facility to save stories with swipe-up links they will stay right between the bio and photo grid section of your profile. 

New followers can know what they’ve been missing in this way too!

4.    Instagram shoppable posts and stories

Shoppable posts are a fine addition to make your link public. Shopping tags can link to a single physical product to gather specific users your way and they’re the ones who are likely to be the most interested in your product. The Shopping tab can be viewed on your profile too. It appears besides the basic tabs of your grid, pictures and tagged photos. 

Since Instagram has Instagram insights, you can view the engagement on shopping posts and compare them with your criteria of judgment. 

5.    Paying to promote links

You can easily promote your links by paying, however, your Instagram must have a business profile and this allows you to use links in the caption of your posts! How cool is that? Paying to promote your links is a bonus to your side.

6.    Links in DM’s

Since this option hasn’t been adopted widely, you can gain traffic by messaging people your links. Also, they can directly send your questions or feedback so start a conversation and see its fruit in no time!

However, just like Tumblr has the best times to post, there are appropriate times to send relevant direct messages on Instagram, so be cautious.

7.    IGTV

You can add links in the description of the IGTV post and users can simply tap on the arrow to find your link. Interestingly, videos are more efficient compared to other options. A word of caution though, creating original content can be expensive so don’t bother choosing this option if your returns aren’t enough.

8.    Short links

Services that shorten your valuable skill will provide you with a compact, easy to retain link that suits your audience. Now that you’re aware of this approach, consider using it as your special weapon, not for every other post.

We hope you’ve learned some important techniques on adding your link on Instagram through this article.

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