9 Helpful Tips to be a Better College Student

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There are many different types of students in a school or college. Each of them have a different personality. Some are good, some are bad while some are jealous of others and some do not care. What type of student are you or planning to be? If you are planning to be a perfect student or the planning to be the topper of your class or college, then you must drop this idea. Being a perfect student sounds cool. Right? But just remember that entitling yourself with a specific title is not enough to be perfect. Sometimes just being good or better is more important.

Don’t let anyone force you to become someone you are not. You need to pay attention to yourself and work hard on areas that need improvement. Doing this will be sufficient and will make you a good student rather than perfect. Remember that nobody is perfect, everyone has flaws and you must accept your flaws.

Things You Can Do to Be a Better Student and Best Version of Yourself

Don’t run behind the so called ‘perfect student’ title. Try to be the best version of yourself and you will notice it is better than being perfect. Here are some of the things to do, to be the best of yourself.

  • Be friendly– Be kind and friendly to everyone as a jolly person is always liked by all. This does not mean that you have to work hard to impress others. This simply means that you must always make use of a friendly tone to approach every one you wish to communicate with. It’s okay to be nervous but don’t let it come your way of making new friends. Approach others first or if they approach you, then be friendly to them.
  • Volunteer – Volunteering is another important aspect to be a better student. It gives you confidence and will teach different skills. Also, a professor/ teacher likes a student who volunteers. Even if your answer is wrong, don’t hesitate to answer. What can be worse? Your answer might be incorrect, that’s it. But at least you tried. Don’t think, what others might think because no matter how much good or bad you do, people are still going to talk. Hence, never bother about others. Don’t be shy and if you are, then it is a great opportunity to overcome this shyness. Therefore, volunteering will be beneficial even for your future.
  • Talk to your professor – Having a good relation with your instructor may prove to be fruitful in different ways. If you are not willing to talk in class, ask the teacher about his or her office hours and meet them there. Introduce yourself, clear your doubts, ask queries, etc. If you did these things, the professor will remember you and help you whenever needed. Good relation with teachers also helps after school or college. As they can help you get a job with their experience or connections. Apart from this they can help with your academics and other problems too. Hence, it is better idea to talk to your professors and maintain a good relation with them.
  • Eliminate extra burden – Do not overload yourself with a lot of work. Complete only the required amount of work. Stressing or overloading might cause problems and is also not good for your health. Although taking extra classes can add up to your credit scores but make sure you can handle it easily. It should not become a burden. Choose what you are interested in and ignore the rest. You can consult the advisor as they can describe in detail about the classes and its workload. If it’s something that you can handle, then go for it.
  • Complete your work on time – Completing work on time is a good habit to follow. Best way to remember what you have read in class, is to revise it again once you are home. When you are done with the day, go home do your work and keep some time for studying. In this time, reread all that you learned. This is a really great technique that helps to remember the concepts you have studied. Also, complete the homework you get, on time. Don’t keep it pending for the next day. Complete the homework before the deadline and take assignment help if needed. Keeping work pending might create a huge pile and then it will be difficult to complete it all together.
  • Accept failure – Failure is something that students fear a lot. One must learn to accept failure. So what happened if you failed? It’s okay to fail. A person learns from their mistakes. If you work hard in the first place, then there is no failing. But if it happens due to some reason, do not give up. Many successful people in the world are those who have failed many times. Hence, accept the failure and if it happens, then work hard next time. Avoid repeating the same mistake twice.
  • Create and follow schedule – To be a good student, it is not necessary that you are always studying. Breaks are really needed to stay away from boredom and for refreshing your mind. To balance your academic and social life, make a time table. Dedicate specific amount of time for each activity and subject. Make sure you remember to include breaks. Once, the schedule is prepared, follow it passionately and stay committed to it. It will help you to complete all your work and stay tension free.
  • Steer clear of bad habits – Students indulge in bad habits like bunking classes, not appearing for tests, delay in submitting their homework, etc. Make sure you do not indulge yourself in such habits. These habits make you look bad and creates a negative impression of you on teachers. Even if your friends force you to do such things, make it clear to them and don’t do it. Skipping classes once or twice is okay but it should not become a habit.
  • Help others – Helping others is great opportunity to maintain peace of mind. If you are good in a subject, then you can help your peers who are seeking help in that subject. It will give you confidence and satisfaction. Meanwhile, it will create a good impression in other student’s mind. You can tutor others too, if it fits your schedule. Apart from academics, you can help others in different way. Make sure you know the difference between helping others and being used by others. It is okay to say no, if you are not able to do it.

These tricks can help you be a better student for yourself. It will also help in maintaining balance in both your personal and academic life. Titles are not going to do any good but a good personality will always be remembered.