Are You A Vegan? Study Says You Might Be A Cover Up For Your Eating Disorder

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Veganism has become a trend now.

Most of the people are turning vegan because someone close to them recently did so. But the real question is, why are they turning vegan at all?

Is that something they really want to do or is there something that they are trying to hide behind the veganism cloak. This question that was brought up after the recent study has become an interesting news today.

What does the study say?

There were researchers from the University of Dusseldorf who conducted a study which involved vegetarians and vegans. The study found out the relation between “orthorexia” and restrained eating behaviours among vegans and vegetarians which has become an interesting news on all social media platforms.

It simply means that non-vegetarians are less prone to the disease – orthorexia, an obsession for healthy eating. While the vegetarians and vegans are at risk. This is because the fundamental concept of not eating poultry and dairy products is deeply embedded in both veganism and being vegetarian.

Are vegans and vegetarians suffering from orthorexia?

According to the latest interesting news, there might be a possibility that the people who choose to follow veganism might be hiding the fact that they are obsessed with healthy eating. This is because veganism has become a culture now and you can very easily display your eating disorder, by hiding it behind a mask. The mask of being a vegetarian or a vegan.

This surely has raised concerns amongst the researchers because there is no way people would admit that.  And chances are, that if the person doesn’t even have a disorder, he/she might trigger it by restricting some sort of food.

So, is veganism healthy?

To understand whether or not veganism is healthy is for you, you need to ask yourself a question. If you feel that you are not healthy right now because you are having too much meat, you need to rethink. Do you want to quit it altogether or you feel that eating meat in moderation would do for you.

No doubt that veganism is healthy but if it somehow triggers an eating disorder in you, I am pretty sure you won’t be happy or healthy.

Hurray for non-vegetarians?

Well, it’s not completely that. And it clearly doesn’t mean that you should double your chicken diet. It is just that if you eat non-vegetarian, the thought of being obsessed with healthy food won’t cross your mind.

Moreover, you will already be consuming calories and oil along with the poultry items and there is no way that you would want to forget all that and switch to veganism.

So, yeah, you are safe but you should watch out on the intake of calorie and fat.

In Conclusion:

It might come out as an interesting news today that people who are switching to veganism might be masking an eating disorder, but it certainly raises the question as to why now?

After all, if you connect the dots veganism has risen up as a cult in the past few years which never happened in the last several decades. Anyway, are you vegan or want to be? Think again before you switch.