Things to Bear in Mind when Designing your Office Space

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Working with the best Dubai interior design company is your best shot at getting an appealing office that’s not only comfortable but in line with your branding goals.

A recent survey dubbed “Future of Work” revealed that many employees who are working in a desk environment value comfort and aesthetics in their work environment. Some of these employees asserted that having a desk, a dedicated office, or a common room is crucial. About 50% of employees prefer a community-focused workplace.

At the same time, company leaders have discovered that office design plays an important role in corporate culture, particularly when combined with fun and team building activities.

Going by the survey, the value of having excellent office design can never be overemphasized. The fact that great designs directly affect employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention rates and also enhances collaboration among workers makes the whole thing worthwhile.

That’s why smart companies employ the services of the best Dubai interior design company to ensure they leave nothing to chance. You will also benefit much from having a great office design. In addition to what we’ve mentioned above, a great office design makes a good first impression for visiting customers. It also improves employee motivation, reduces distracting clutter, and promotes better usage of technology.

With that in mind, here are things you need to bear in mind when designing your office space:

Space management

One of the main reasons companies work with interior designers is to maximize their space use. Space management is essential as it allows you to utilize what you have and make it effective and functional.

While at this, you want to consider the number of employees you have, as well as the settings you’d like for your offices (whether it’s an open space or cabins and so on). In the end, you want to create space that allows for smooth traffic flow. It shouldn’t feel cluttered either.


Your employees will spend hours sitting at their workstation – the least you can do is to ensure that their furniture is comfortable. When the chair is uncomfortable, or the table isn’t the right height, it will have a direct impact on an employee’s productivity, and consequently, your firm.

So, when you choose office furniture, you want to pay more attention to comfort just as you do style. It’s an added advantage if the workstations come with plenty of storage space, too, because this will help reduce clutter on the desks.


Appropriate office lighting isn’t an option, but a necessity. Poor lighting affects productivity because it places a strain on the employee’s eyes. It can also lead to other problems like eye illnesses and headaches. Proper lighting, on the other hand, enhances productivity as well as boosts the aesthetic appeal. Light is vital to productivity and wakefulness in your workspace.

It can even influence a client’s buying habits. Besides, it’s a health and safety issue. And thanks to innovation, it is now possible to reduce cost, add value, and improve performance through the application of good lighting.

Fun room

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy – and you don’t want your employees to be dull. Creating a fun room provides a space where employees can break from work to recharge. Most employees head to the pantry for a break – but you can add a room for a short relaxation.

Room for gathering

You need a gathering room for meetings, internal events, and conferences – especially if yours is a big firm. In this case, you’ll need to organize the furniture property to optimize the room’s function.

Touch of color

Color has been known to influence the way people act and behave. For instance, yellow evokes feelings of warmth, optimism, and creativity, while blue a sense of calmness and so on. But it’s essential to bear in mind that there are different shades of these colors, each presenting a varying effect on a person’s psyche.

Additionally, other variables like pattern, sheen, and translucency also impact how color and overall surrounding is seen. The entire feel can also change when another color or group of colors are added. Ideally, as a business, it’s vital to work with your brand colors but blend them in a way that creates harmony.

Overall ambiance

There is something about an organized and unified room that makes occupants feel relaxed. You can achieve this by using the same color or blending colors on materials, surfaces, and furniture. Adding matching or complementing wall arts can also enhance the overall appeal and ambiance.

Final word

Interior design might seem like an exciting thing to do. However, pulling out a perfect look need much more than interest – it requires experience, knowledge, the right tools and resources, and passion. And when your image and employee’s comfort are at stake, then working with an experienced interior design company is your best shot.

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