Best Places to Visit in Bangkok and Pattaya

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Everyone tries to visit exciting and fascinating destinations so that they can enjoy and utilize their holidays at fantastic places. So this vacation plan your trip for Bangkok and Pattaya with so amazing Bangkok and Pattaya tour. There are lots of things to do in Bangkok and Pattaya as these places are well-known for nightlife, watersports, sightseeing, and many more activities.

All the type of localities is available here no matter either they are poor or rich everyone here feels like home which is very much interesting to know all about their lifestyle and culture. Now, since you have selected Bangkok Pattaya tour Package for your holidays so you might be looking for what all the best places you can visit in Bangkok and Pattaya. So here we are discussing some of the amazing places which you can explore during your Bangkok Pattaya tour.5 Best things to do at Pattaya

#1 The Reclining Buddha: Wat Pho

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There this beautiful temple of reclining Buddha at the place named Wat Pho in Bangkok. The specialty of this temple is that there is a statue of Buddha which is fifteen (15) Meters tall and forty-six (46) meters long and this sculpture is the main attraction of this place. When you will look closely you will find that the statue is covered with gold leaf which makes it completely worth watching.

#2 Chanthaburi Sapphire Mines

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At Pattaya you can take the tour at Chanthaburi Sapphire Mines as here you will get a chance to look how cutting and polishing of the precious sapphire stone is done and made amazing so that startling personality like you can purchase it from the market. So take a tour to know with how much care and hard work these sapphire stones are made.

#3 The Grand Palace

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The Grand Palace is the most astonishing place you will witness at Bangkok and this kinda places which you can’t afford to miss while your Bangkok Pattaya tour. There are some scams like you have to pay this and that to watch so be aware of any such scams you only have to pay the entrance fee while your visit to the Grand Palace.

#4 Mini Siam

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This miniature model of Thai heritage and wonders of the world was built at Pattaya which has many replicas of many adorable sites like Statue of liberty, Prasat Hin Phimai, Pyramid, London bridge, etc. you are definitely going to have lots of fun while taking tour at such amazing places and one more important thing about this model is that it is the first miniature model of Thai heritage.

#5 Chatuchak Market

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If you love shopping and seeing lots of people together having fun, then this place is definitely made for you. As Chatuchak Market in Bangkok is a place for shopaholics because it includes almost all the branded and non-branded things and there are 8000 shops so there is a place for everyone. You will enjoy shopping there as you will get whatever you want at reasonable prices.

#6 Cabaret Show

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To fill you with full of entertainment the people of Pattaya conducts the Cabaret Shows which is claimed to be one of the most famous tourist attractions at Pattaya. This show is performed by super and multi-talented ladyboys or by cross-dressing performers which makes this show interesting to watch. These shows are conducted at various timings so you can choose the timing according to your convenience.

#7 Chao Phraya River

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You can enjoy boating at this wonderful river in Bangkok where you will notice high fancy hotels on one side and on the other side, you will see children playing. The reason behind Bangkok known as ‘Venice of the east’ is Chao Phraya river. This river flows through Bangkok and fills up all the little canals there, it will be lots of fun watching at this place.

#8 Koh Samet Island

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A Paradise Island is what Pattaya people call this place as this is a white sand island which is located near Pattaya mainland. The frizzante white sand, beachfront, and crystal blue water of this island will attract you the most. You can completely sit and relax on this island.

#9 National Museum

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If you are fond of the historical man-made type of things then this place is for you because in this national museum at Bangkok you will get lots of historical man-made things and Thai art like you will find Chinese weapons, Khon masks, puppets, clothing, textiles, etc. If you want to understand the museum more clearly so visit the museum on Thursday so that you will get a tour of the museum in English.

These were some of the best places to visit in Bangkok and Pattaya. So what are you waiting for book your Bangkok Pattaya Tour packages fast and explore these amazing locations and have lots of experience and adventures.

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