Best Valentine’s Day Homemade Chocolates and Candy for loved ones

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Valentine’s Day is round the corner and it is the time to make arrangements to make this day super special for your loved ones. Homemade candies and chocolates are special because you have invested lot many efforts in making it with all your love. You can customize these chocolates and candies according to your choice and add a personal touch to it. Your partner and loved ones will be glad by this sweet gesture of yours. Thus we have a list of different Valentine’s Day homemade chocolates and candies to surprise your loved ones.

1) Heart Cups Chocolate

This is a very easy and fun recipe. First of all you will need glass like moulds to make this. You can get them in heart shape as it will look more romantic. Melt the chocolate bar fill in the moulds, freeze them and unmold. Your heart shaped shot glass is ready. Now to decorate these glasses, make fondant’s red hearts and stick it outside the glasses. You can also fill the glasses with different type of candies or gummy bears. You can also prepare cream cheese mousse and serve it inside the delicious and lovely heart shaped chocolate glass.

2) Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles are favourite chocolate candies of people of all ages. The name is fancy but they are not very difficult to make. You have to crush 2 to 3 double chocolate chip muffins in a large bowl and add two tablespoon of chocolate hazelnut spread. You must add few drops of water and you can also add raisins or nuts. Now make balls out of this mixture and roll them in colourful sprinkles or chocolate chips. You can fill them in a jar or in a fancy container and tie it up with a ribbon. Buy Valentine Day Gift for your beloved to surprise her.

3) Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

This is also a delicious recipe for the peanut butter lovers. Take butter, honey, sugar, vanilla extract, sugar and finely chopped honey roasted peanuts and chocolate chips. Combine all of it and whisk the mixture later spread it into a pan. Now refrigerate it for a while until they become firm. Now remove the mixture that has now turned to a bar with the help of the foil and cut them into square shaped bars. Roll these into peanuts and store them in airtight container. Honey and peanut butter will do wonders to this recipe and your loved ones would admire this.

4) Dark Chocolate Raspberry Fudge

Make a mixture of dark chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, teaspoon of softened butter, salt and raspberry liqueur. Make a single layer of baking chips layered on baking sheet and freeze. Take a square pan and grease the foil with butter. Now take that mixture and microwave it to make its texture smooth. Now add white baking chips and stir it in the mixture till it is partially melted. Now refrigerate it, later remove foil and make the pieces in form of square.

5) Bourbon Balls

This is again a recipe which is loved and admired by almost everyone. You will require finely chopped pecans, softened butter, cup of bourbon, confectioner’s sugar and melted dark chocolate for candy coating. Make a mixture of pecans and bourbon and keep it covered overnight. Combine cream butter, confectioner’s sugar and add the pecan mixture. Cover and refrigerate it until they become firm to make the balls out of it. Now place the balls on baking sheets and again refrigerate for about an hour. Dip the balls in chocolate coating and sprinkle extra pecans on it. Allow it to set.

6) Chocolate Pomegranate Candies

This recipe is more like snack bar. For this you will require finely chopped white baking chocolate, toasted flake coconut, pomegranate seeds and chopped dark chocolate. Melt these chocolate in a microwave and stir in coconut and pomegranate seeds. Now spread the mixture in the pan and drizzle over it the melted dark chocolate. Refrigerate the chocolate mixture until it is firm. Break the candy into pieces and store it in the airtight container. This chocolate candy bar is more like a fruit bar and it would have a crunchy as well as smooth texture. If you want to stay away from hassle order Online Valentine’s Day Chocolates. Most Memorable Valentine’s Day Gifts For Loving Husbands.

7) Marshmallows

This is a very unique and pretty chocolate idea. You will require heart shape chocolates, marshmallows and sprinkles. Take the marshmallows and try to flatten but be careful that they do not break. It is okay if they break from backside because anyway we are going to fix the heart shaped chocolates on either side of the marshmallow. Apply corn syrup on the chocolate and try to glue it on marshmallows, once it is done apply corn syrup on the remaining part of marshmallow and roll the chocolate into sprinkles. This is a very eye catchy chocolate which will attract everyone.

We hope these homemade chocolate and candies help you add sweetness to this day of love and also brings you closer.