Canadian Work Permit for Students Planning to Work after Graduation

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The great white north is one of the most popular study abroad destination in the world. Not only the Student life is full of possibilities academically, the career after that is filled with opportunities, too. When you study in Canada, there is an option for stay back, and work permit after studies, too.

Work Permit after Study in Canada

The stay back period after completion of the study will change from course to course and mostly it will depend on the duration of your study program. The stay back permit after studies can be as long as 3 years after the completion of the course depending on the study program.

For example, for a one year study program, you are allowed to stay back in Canada for a year more. For the study programs running for more than two years, you can stay back for three years after you have graduated.

Post Study work permit is one of the best things about Study in Canada. The Government of Canada has given the international students a gigantic opportunity with this permit to gain the Canadian Work Experience. If you wish to permanently move to Canada, that is one of the most useful things to have by your side.

Because international students have a valid student visa, they can apply for a full time work after their studies are over. They can also apply for a temporary citizenship along with the Post-Graduation Work Permit.

As we have mentioned, if you wish to permanently move to Canada, Post-graduation work permit is a blessing as you can live, study further and work anywhere in Canada, along with many social benefits in Canada.

Of course there are some rules and regulations to that. Here is the rough idea about Post study work permit in Canada and its details:

When you have completed 2 year study program from a DLI (Designated Learning Institute), and also have a work experience of 1 year in any skilled work, you are eligible to permanent residency under the program ‘Canadian Experience Class’

You are also eligible for a permanent residency through a system called Provincial Nominee Program.

From 2016, a point system was introduced for international students. If an international student completes a full time one or two year program after secondary education, he is entitled to earn 15 points.

If you are completing a doctorate course, or a program which has a duration of three or more than three years, you are eligible for 30 points under the same point system.

Eligibility Criteria for Post Study Work Permit

You must be 18 years or older.

Must have studied in Canada for eight months without a break. The Studies must be continues or you are not eligible to apply for PGWP in Canada.

If you are enrolled in a program that has duration of 8 months, but you finish it in six months (accelerated programs), you are eligible for PGWP.

Have completed a full time (post-secondary education or higher) course at a DLI (Designated Learning Institute), The Course should not be a distance learning program, e-learning or an online course.

You have a letter of completion of degree program, an authorisation letter from the institute you have studied from.

You must apply for work permit within 3 months of the completion of the study program.

When you apply for the Post graduation work permit you must have a valid study permit.

All the needed information about Work Permit after Graduation can be found on Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) official website, which was formerly known as CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). Make sure you apply for the Work Permit after graduation in Canada when you study permit is still valid.