Keep These 5 Tips in Mind When You’re Planning Content for your Web Design

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Planning is the key to gain successful results whether it’s your website or your startup. Without an appropriate plan, you can’t come up with successful results. And when it’s about content, you have to think about different strategies in terms of marketing, design and social media.

However, it can be a difficult task regardless of the 100 web pages or a few. It’s important to make sure your content aligns with the customer’s requirement and even if they are skimming your content, it shouldn’t disappoint them.

So, let’s start with a short guide to start planning content for your web design.

1. Take a Look at Your Current Content

Before you start redesigning your content, first see where you’re lacking with the current writings. 

  • Is it SEO optimized?
  • Is it customer-friendly?
  • Is it Google-friendly?
  • Does it have the captivating titles and descriptions?
  • Are any important details missing?

First, ask these questions to you. Since you’re focused on achieving traffic to your website so it’s important to consider your content from the customer’s point of view. Starting with the right strategy will help you guarantee that your content isn’t outmoded or contains any incorrect information.

Content strategies change with the growing trends so keeping the new practices in consideration will let the search engines to maintain your position.

2. Who are your Readers?

Determining your target audience before devising the content strategy will help you to come with a content that reaches to them directly. When you know who you are speaking to, you become more specific or open with your words. For example, if your audience is professional customers, vendors or retailers then you’ll try to gauge them in their language. Similarly, when the customer base is female, then you’ll use the keywords that appeal to them.

If you write content without knowing the audience, then you’ll only come up with general content that won’t relate to the individual needs.

3.  Storytelling

Storytelling on the website engages potential customers only if you know the art of it. A good story isn’t something long and general, you can customize it according to your audience.

If you own a web design agency in Dubai and you want to attract clients through your website then instead of telling about yourselves, tell how your agency has benefited the customers. Which specific features of your product make the win-win situation for you?  

Address the customer pain points and mold your product as a solution. Use short and captivating content and see how your website evolves with the quality content in it.

4. Write for Humans not for Bots

While focusing on the search engine keywords, we become so consistent that we missed the quality of the content which is a bad practice for the site. 

Try to maintain the natural flow of the content even when you are inserting the keywords. Search engine ranks the content that drives engagement with human and liked by them. If you focus on a bunch of keywords, you’ll lose the meaning of the content.

So, the tip is to balance the keyword in a way that it won’t hurt the content quality. Also, by any means don’t use the bots to generate content for your website.

5. Action-Driven Content

Create a persuasive web copy that encourages visitors to take action as soon as they are done reading the content. Highlight the best features of your product/services, in short, bullet points and make the steps easy to reach your CTA button.

Focus on creating value with your words, visuals, information, and layout. Most of the people don’t read your website copy word by word, they only skim through it. So, you should also keep the skimmers in mind when you’re writing content for your website.

Some Important Points to Consider

  • Your home page is the welcoming page, make sure you don’t overload it.
  • Avoid long paragraphs, no one is interested to read it.
  • Use White spaces with content and visuals to strike a balance between both.
  • Keep the CTA clear so users know how to contact you when they plan to hire your services.   
  • Think of creating catchy titles and headlines for your post.

Never take content easy for your website. It plays a strong role in turning your leads to customers and making their mindset for a particular product. 

The above tips will help you to create thought-provoking content for your website.  

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