Content marketing guide of 2019

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As we are continuing to be exposed in order to increase the amounts of promotions and ads, it is up to the marketers to break through the whole clutter. The best way of doing the same is to stay ahead of the curve by adapting the effective content marketing strategies such as video marketing. You could check this website if you don’t know how to create video for ads.

According to the CMI 2019 B2B Content Marketing Study, about 90% of the top content marketers have claimed that they have prioritized the provision of value to the customers over their own brand promotion.

With that said, here are some of the top examples of the content marketing which are super promotional and some of the strategies which you need to follow in 2019.

Run A/B tests consistently

Consistence is the sole key when it comes to the split testing. As per a research by AdPushUp, the range of the conversion rates is from 1 to 3%. When you use the A/B split testing, you are increasing your conversion rate even more. In cases like these, even the increase of a 1% could be a major change.

Running these kinds of tests on anything like speed, headlines, CTA, visuals, landing pages or anything else which impacts the search performances can help boost your conversion rates and probably skyrocket it right away. It can also send more of the targeted customers to the product pages which you might have. As an example, you can also run a split test on your product page and test a product page variation against the control. When the test finishes, you would be able to tell which one of the said products performed better and then implement the same in your business to get a maximum number of visits.

Create content snippet variants

When we talk about the content snippets, we mean the variants of your work which allow you to present your content in a very digestible and very shareable formats. Every time you are developing a tweet or a Facebook post, make sure to create the variants of the same. This would help you in testing each of the variation’s engagement level and also develop more sophisticated sharing strategies as the time passes by. You can also create the multiple titles which vary by length, you can include the relevant questions and also add CTA, which everybody does for their business. Track the success of each of the variants so that you can easily do so in Google sheets or excel.

Use remarketing to drive lead generation

Remarketing is known as the practice of showing the ads to the people who have visited your website as they are browsing the internet. The research also shows that the content marketers are now pumping a great deal of money into this idea. The more frequently a potential consumer sees an ad, the more likely they might convert.

Setting up such a campaign could be very simple and might require little resources. All you need to have is existing customer data which you can plug into the ocean of platforms at your disposal.

Build more targeted landing pages

A certified way of boosting the search traffic is by creating more high quality and relevant landing pages. You need to develop as many landing pages as you think could be relevant and each one of them optimized for one or more keywords which your audience might search for. This is one of the best ways for a company which sought to learn a lot about their market and the customers integrated their new discoveries into the content creation.