Corneal Transplantation – What You Should Know

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The eyes are windows to our souls. They enable us to see the world with clarity, walk and navigate the street without getting lost and help us see our loved ones better.Unfortunately, much like other parts of our body, eyes can be diseased as well for various reasons. While near or farsightedness is a common alignment that affects approximately 40% of the population in the US alone but can be cured, other eye issues are more serious.

One of the most serious diseases that can have unfavorable outcomes is when the cornea of the eye becomes damaged due to various factors. This is when you’ll need corneal transplantation.

This article focuses on the topic of corneal transplantation in Dubai and why it’s crucial for your health and well being.

What Is Corneal Transplantation?

 The cornea is the clear, front lens that you see at the top of your eyeball. It is one of the most crucial parts of your eye because it helps in focusing light into the eye so you can see clearly. The cornea has a complex shape and has multiple layers of cells that work together to protect your eye.

A healthy cornea is that which is clear, smooth, and has no glare or frostiness. However, a cornea that is scarred, swollen, or otherwise damaged may not provide a clear vision because it’s ability to focus light reduces and this results in blurred vision. In such a case, the cornea needs to be healed or repaired surgically.

However, in some cases, repairing or healing the existing cornea is not possible. This is when an ophthalmologist will recommend corneal transplantation.

In a nutshell, corneal transplantation is when a damaged cornea is replaced with a healthy and clear cornea from a human donor. These corneas come from human donors who choose to donate their organs or corneas after their death.

The part of the cornea that’s being replaced depends entirely on the extent of the damage. For instance, while some only require the front and middle layers to be replaced, other cases where the entire cornea needs to be replaced are also common.

The following are the common types of corneal transplantation

  • Full-thickness corneal transplantation
  • Partial thickness corneal transplantation
  • Endothelial Keratoplasty

When Would You Need a Corneal Transplantation

Several factors can contribute to an individual needing corneal transplantation in Dubai. For instance, while some corneas may be damaged due to an excessive injury like a ball to the eye or a road accident, routine eye infections can also cause severe problems.

Still,other problems such as Keratoconus, a defect where the cornea is cone-shaped rather than dome-shaped also require corneal transplantation. Finally, if you’ve had previous eye surgery, then a damaged cone can give way to corneal transplant being needed.

What Should You Do If You Need A Corneal Transplantation?

If your doctor has diagnosed you with a cornea disease or infection, it is crucial that you look for an experienced ophthalmologist in Dubai who can assist you. Remember, seasoned ophthalmologists have skill in Corneal transplant and can help you out.

Be careful in picking out the perfect doctor, and you don’t have to worry about the transplant. So, do your research and make sure you pick out an ophthalmologist with a good track record.