DRDO’s A-SAT Missile Test and Stock Market Jump Led by Modi Government

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Jai Hind,

First of all I heartily congratulate the whole team of DRDO (The Defense Research and development Organisation) and every single member who helped in accomplishing MISSION SHAKTI. I also congratulate to the Government of India (Modi Government) to allow our great scientists to make our nation great and stand among the strongest nations of the world. This bold decision by our Honorable PM Narendra Modi once again helped stock market (Share Market tips) and economy of India to plunge like bullet train.

PM Addressing the Nation :

Our honorable PM Narendra Modi announced yesterday morning that ‘he will be addressing an important massage to the nation’ just after this official massage by PM, the stock market dropped down drastically and every thief was in fear of losing their wealth once again like he did at the time of demonetization and thought that Chowkidar once again will catch all the thief who looted the nation in past. Due to this fear, gradual downfall in the Indian Stock Market was recorded.

But the tables were completely turned 180 when our Honorable PM Narendra Modi announced in his unique voice “India Has successfully tested Anti-Satellite (A-SAT) Missile from the Dr AP J Abdul Kalam Island in Odisha under the MISSION SHAKTI operation and shut down the satellite in just three minutes after the launching of the missile”. Just after this announcement to the nation, Stock Market again got its pace and back on the track with more speed and confidence.

Wednesday (27/March/2019) was proud moment for every India, As India became the fourth country in the world after USA, Russia and China to have space power and have all the capabilities to hit satellite orbiting in the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) with evil eye on our nation. DRDO also reported that our nation is now matured to develop the technology which can acquire precision and accuracy in terms of centimeters. One of the very important point of this project is, the whole technology was developed indigenous by the scientists of India and showed to the world the capabilities of our nation in indigenous weapon system.

Stock Market tips :

This bold decision by Modi government and the hard work of our scientists not only helped in achieving the space power but also helped building the economy of India. After the success of MISSION SHAKTI, it has reflected the positive mark in the world and capabilities of our nation in every sector which now changed the perspective of the whole world towards India. Now Investors from all across the world started feeling secure to invest their money in India, which helped the stock market to grow strong and build the economy of our nation.

After the announcement, on the local Bourses (Paris Stock Exchange) the share of Bharat dynamics and HAL gained approximately 6–7 %, which shows hype in the share of defense sector. As compared to two week’s average (i.e. 5370 shares), 14000 shares hand over the counter yesterday because of success of MISSION SHAKTI. The stocks of the company reached 777 Rs High and 772 Rs low Intra-day prices. which ended at 743.50 Rs (2.98% higher) on the NSE yesterday.

Yesterday in Intraday trade (Intraday tips) on BSE, State owned HAL’s share impaled 7.25% to 775 Rs, Covering the early losses, shares of the company compared to previous closing price of 722.55 Rs settled at 2.30% higher at 739.20 Rs. Whereas a jump of 6.26% by Bharat Dynamics on the Bombay Stock Exchange share price is seen yesterday with a Intraday high of 300 Rs against previous closing price of 282.30 Rs.

I hope this bold decision by a bold and strong person of our nation will help build our nation and those days are not far away when India (Led by Honorable PM Narendra Modi) will be a superpower and India will show right path to the whole world . Always be proud of the to be Indian.

Jai Hind Vande-matram,

Akash Rathore

Akash Rathore

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