Everything You Need To Know About Flat Pack Kitchen

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With time people are changing the design of their living place and making it more comfortable. Kitchen is not an exceptional in the house. In the modern time, the popularity of the flat pack kitchen is growing high for this reason only. It can be the best choice for the people who want to design their cooking place in an exclusive manner by incorporating their own choice. You can choose your kitchen design and layout, and then install the flat packyourself, or by someone else. They are a great choice for homeowners who like creating everything in their house from scratch.

The biggest advantage of flat pack kitchens is that they are modular, and you can order as per the measured area of your kitchen. You choose the modular style or the layout design, and order the chosen items from a company. All the items are delivered in a box, and you have to put on your working gloves to start installation at your kitchen!

Why Should You Opt For It?

Flat Pack Kitchen

The flat pack kitchens can be fit into small or large kitchen space. Firstly you need to choose the modular style then decide the design of the cabinets, accessories, panels, bench tops, and doors. You do not need a professional one to come in and build a kitchen for you. You can install the kitchen easily by yourself. You do not have to wait for the professionals to arrive and start working on your kitchen, and you can also cut down the expenses by following some easy steps and install by your own.

They are really easy to assemble and build. Even if have never built something from scratch materials, you will still be able to install this kitchen without much problem. They often come with instructions on how to fit them. It is a fun activity for you and your partner to design the kitchen as per your own choice and budget.

Few Things To Consider Before You Order It

But when you are stepping into the process, you need to keep some points in your mind. Take a look at the existing space in your kitchen that you can utilize. Then decide how you want to utilize it? Where do you want to place the 3 working zones – the storage, cooking, and the cleaning? A kitchen involves 3 working zones, and they are together called the Working Triangle. The storage zone includes the refrigerator, pantry, cupboards, etc. The cooking zone includes the pan or oven where the food will be prepared. The washing zone includes the sink or the dishwasher and sometimes the washing machine as well. Depending on these, you can choose a kitchen layout. The most common kitchen layouts have been mentioned below.

Flat Pack Kitchen

The Galley

In flat pack kitchens layout, the working zones are separated and laid parallel to each with a walk-in space in between. The cooking zone is placed on the side of the wall, and the other two working zones are placed together on the opposite wall. It is a contemporary layout.

  • L-Shape: This kind of kitchen is suitable for both small and big kitchens and can include an island as well.
  • Straight Line: Great for small spaces, easy to install, and cost-effective. They are mostly found in office spaces. It does not include an island.
  • U-shaped: If you have a big kitchen space, this is the ideal kitchen layout for you. You can add an island if you want. Otherwise, this kind of kitchen offers the maximum working space and storage space.

Just getting the items will not be enough, keep a drilling machine, jigsaw and a tape measure in hand before starting the installation process.