Fashion Designing v/s Interior Designing – Meaning, Difference, Scope, Career Outlook   

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Creative minds of the world have more options than ever to make a career in their chosen field. The digital world is open to everyone, and access to platforms has never been easier. Although pursuing a career in fields like fashion and interior designing has never been easier, it pays well to have a strong foundation that can only be built through a professional degree.

Fashion and interior designing often sound like two sides of the same coin. But in actuality, they are vastly different fields with unique career paths. Here’s what both of these fields entail:

Fashion Designing


Fashion Design is the art of conceptualizing, designing, and producing clothes with different aesthetics, colour schemes, and textures. The field is heavily influenced by the moving styles of the world, and often reflects the passage of seasons or trends.

A fashion designing degree covers practical and creative skills. The 3 years course accommodates technical skills such as drawing, fabrics, fashion, patterns, and technology, computer-aided design (CAD), sewing, garment construction, etc. The degree also teaches students about the ins and outs of the fashion industry, the history of fashion, and the ways in which students can ignite a creative spark within themselves.

Scope of a Fashion Designer

Fashion Designers beautify our wardrobes and interpret the trends of the world in the form of clothes. They are mavericks of culture and specialize in designing substantive art pieces that go on to live for decades.

If you aren’t interested in going solo, you can always join the industry and learn. A fashion designer designs fashion shows and puts out clothes for their brand house/stores to wear. Although the profession needs no further elaboration, a dignified fashion designer is one of the best jobs for fashion graduates. Another great job profile is that of a retail buyer who need an understanding of clothes and need to buy clothes in bulk for shops and assortment houses. Retail buyers excel in an environment where their talents are valued and appreciated. It is a tough industry to break into, but the rewards are very rewarded.

The job includes:

  • Innovating new and groundbreaking designs that appeal to the public.
  • Providing a plethora of new designs of daily wear clothes and apparels such as accessories, gears, and clothing.
  • Keeping a close eye on fashion and understanding the relevance of each apparel.
  • Having a vision and executing orders.
  • Predicting the trends and modelling your output in regards to it.

Career as a fashion designer

Creatives with a professional degree from a fashion design college in Raipurcan start their careers immediately. The field is vast, and the options are endless. They can either join an established fashion house or a firm as a designer, stylist, and creator, or they can start their own boutiques and fashion homes.

Interior Designing


Interior design is the science of architecture and creative design that results in the building of functional and hospital rooms within a building or a space. An interior designer lays out the internal space in a building or structure. A lot goes into making homes accessible and safe for human navigation. Interior designers focus on the performance, safety, and beauty of a space.

The interior designing degree covers the technical skills required to build a functional and livable space. The multifaceted professional degree the techniques and knowledge of interior designing, including space planning, research, site inspections, programming, and communication.

Scope of an Interior Designer

Interior designers are responsible for making a person feel comfortable within their homes. For most Indian, buying a home is a once-in-a-lifetime process, and beautifying it is an emotional journey. Interior designers step in to fill their limited space with maximum functionality and usage.

The job includes:

  • Understanding the client brief and preparing a plan for the project
  • Researching home designs and coming up with the most popular home outlays
  • Sourcing materials and getting the best deal for clients.
  • Implementing designs and developing solutions for anticipated problems.

Career as an Interior Designer

Interior designing is an emerging choice for youths in India. Graduates from interior design colleges in Raipur have made commendable careers in the field. Being a developing country, millions of homes, office spaces, and public construction occur in India every single year. All these projects require a skilled interior designer who can make the most out of the space and provide maximum functionality on a fixed budget.

Creatives with a degree in interior design from Kalinga University Raipur can find jobs in the industry. They can also branch out and find roles such as architectural consultant, event manager, set designer, etc.

4 Ways to Decide Which Degree is Best For You

  1. Artistic ability

    If you have an appetite for art, and really want to create stable and long-lasting pieces, then both interior and fashion designing are great for you. While interior designing involves many numbers and measurements, it is equally important to have a smart and creative working sense that adds value to homes.
  2. Teamwork

    While interior designing is a team job, fashion designing works out mostly in isolation. Once you are a pro in the field, fashion designing is all about standing out and operating alone. Meanwhile, interior designers work with a team of people and the projects usually require a village. Kalinga University trains students through various kinds of practical projects where teamwork is required.
  3. Friends with trends

    Interior designers are usually up-to-date with trends and don’t sneer away from repetitive works. Interior designers usually work with ordinary folks and deliver the most relatable and eye-soothing house projects. So, if you can be up to date with the latest trends, you’ll excel as a fashion designer. Whereas if you have a knack for invention, you’d do well with an interior design degree.
  4. Detail-oriented

    Fashion designers are detail-oriented, as it is an important facet of being a leading creative mind for clothes. Whereas interior designers zoom out and focus on the larger picture. If you are someone who excels in micromanagement projects then you should go with fashion designing.

In Conclusion,

The fields of fashion and interior designing are wide and encompass a lot of professions. Yes, there’s fierce competition in the field, but there are also ample opportunities opening every single year. Either of these fields is an excellent choice for you. It all depends on your caliber and personality. Good Luck!

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