Go Vintage With Amazing Living Room Decor Ideas.

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Do you love those cozy vintage rooms with warm hues and vintage elements? It looks so classy and takes you back to old royalty. You can change your living room to vintage style with easy changes and make it the place of your dreams.

Vintage decor is all about art pieces, functional decor, and comfort. So, Let’s have a look at some exceptional ideas to make your living room a vintage-style space.

Pick a Color Scheme

A color scheme for the wall and the furniture can be contrasting and very complimenting. You can use neutrals like white, cream, beige, or greyish tones. Also, use darker brown natural wooden furniture. The natural colors are the true essence of a vintage-style living room.

A bar Stand

A bar table is a multi-purpose old decor item that’s great for producing both a chic touch to any place and extra storage for knick-knacks, crystal decanters, or legacy cocktail shakers.

The Flooring

Vintage floors are traditionally wood floors. These vintage-style living floors are usually in the form of wide planks. With delicate oriental rugs, you can give the room a more shabby chic Victorian flair.

Vintage Wall art

Vintage wall arts in the form of canvas prints will level up your decor. A world map with detailing will create a focal point and add a finished look to your wall.

You can also try a vintage car or patent photography. Everything rustic, raw, and retro will go with the walls. You can choose an old movie theme for wall arts too.  There are numerous vintage-inspired decor ideas that you can use in your home.

Vintage Suitcase Decor

Do you own excellent suitcases that you’re not using for the tour? Pile them up and use them as a side table for your living room. Of course, you can put any extra essentials in them as well.

Vintage Rugs

Add warmness to any room by mixing antique and vintage decor textures—layer neutral fur rugs on large Persian rugs. Place silk cushions on a leather sofa. Or stash knitted quilts in an old woven basket under a  table.

Sconce Light

The traditional sconce lights with candle holders look so retro and classic. You can hang them on either side mirror or door. They have stunning carved designs and colors. You can also add a classic chandelier in the middle to create a massive traditional look.

Vintage Ladder

Wooden ladders are of no use because new meta ladders can be reclaimed. Paint them and use them as a vintage hanger in your living room. Then, lean it on the wall, add some climber plants and accessorize it to give a rustic look.

Old Style Telephone

The old-style retro telephones on wooden tables with flower pots and vintage accessories will look gorgeous. But, unfortunately, the vintage accessories will add too much to your decor.

Typewriters Create Conversation

A classic typewriter will steal away all the glances. This detailing is unique and imparts incredible vintage vibes to your living room.

The Windows

A great idea would be to use traditional tab curtains on your window rods, giving it a more colonial vibe. You can also opt for white floor-length gauzy curtains or pinch pleat draperies.


Ultra-delicate doilies were a must-have at Grandma’s house. Renew the vintage parts by stitching several together into a charming table runner that’s just made for tea parties. They will take you back to reminisce about those times.

Classic Glass Jars

It is vital to store small items like pins, cotton balls, or toothpicks rationally. Why not put them gracefully in vintage glass jars? Whether you own authentic, vintage apothecary jars or a new one, the lovely effect is the same.

Let’s Wrap it

By incorporating, few old items, little DIY, and investing in some decor. A vintage modern style can play a little, and there is no hard and fast rule. Everything can be displayed with raw wooden furniture and functional decor.

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