Great Apps to Ensure You Never Run Out Of Funny Jokes

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A joke or two daily makes the heart merry. According to various studies, laughter doesn’t just increase your life expectancy but is also good for your heart health. If you’re finding it hard to get enough laughter at any time in your life, apps for funny jokes can come in handy.

However, what people find funny varies because each individual has a unique sense of humor. Therefore, it’s important to find apps that display jokes you’ll find humorous. While working on this article, I came across various apps for funny jokes you may want to check out in the link below.

10 Apps for Daily Jokes by Appgrooves

If you don’t find an interesting app for daily jokes in the link above, use the following tips to help you choose a suitable platform for daily access to funny jokes.

1.Find Apps that Deliver Daily Jokes to Help You Begin Each Day on a Light Note

Humor can brighten your heart even on those days when you’d rather stay in bed the whole day and do nothing. With the right app, you can begin each day with a joke or two to kick off a good day ahead. After all, they say that a good day starts in the morning.

Whereas some jokes are available in single lines, others come in the form of short stories. Opt for apps with timers to enable you to schedule the times you want to receive your daily funny jokes. Choose a time when you’re still laying on the bed, taking a cup of hot coffee before leaving for the office, or when enjoying your break at the company’s restaurant or a café nearby.

Look out for a rating system to ensure that the jokes sent to you are suitable for your preferences and taste buds. The apps use your top-rated jokes to select relevant funny jokes to send to you. Starting each day with a smile or laughter is key to ensuring that the day ahead is fulfilling.

2.Choose an App with Funny Jokes Grouped Under Different Categories
Adults and kids have unique senses of humor. It means what another person may find funny may not be hilarious to you. Therefore, find an app with different joke categories to ensure that you get those suitable for your joke buds.

Ranging from classic one-liners to knock-knock jokes to funny puns, an app with all kinds of jokes categories allows you to choose what you find interesting and funny. The apps ensure there’s a joke for everyone.

3.Opt for an App with Jokes Suitable for Your Mood at Any Given Time

Your mood can easily influence your sense of humor. Find an app with a search function to enable you to look through different jokes to find what suits your mood at any time. For instance, if you’re sad, find a joke that’s bound to make your happier and laugh harder.

Just like art, jokes are expressed differently and thus there’s one for every mood out there. Even when you’re not sure about your feelings, you can find a joke that’ll make you laugh so hard and forget all your problems, stressors, or mixed feelings. They can also add to your already good mood.

Look for apps that’ll make you laugh whether you have reasons to or not. As mentioned before, a good laughter improves your heart health and increases your life each passing day.


Apps for funny jokes are also designed for different audiences. Find one with jokes meant for you. Filters help with selection of jokes for different audiences. Also consider apps that allow for sharing of jokes with your friends on social media, and even accepts personal or new joke submissions from users.

We hope that you found this article helpful and was able to find the right apps for funny jokes to brighten your day each morning.