Guidelines for Selling a Junk/Damaged/Broken Car in UAE – Should You Fix It?

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Can’t you run your car any further? Is it entirely damaged or broken and need so many bucks to get it fixed? How about cutting your losses and getting rid of it? Obviously, you should do that right away. Well, the market for cars and car parts is quite wide that you don’t even know where to start Online Car Selling and how to get most of the money – no matter if it’s junk or damaged entirely.

We are here to help you on this route if you have lost and confused. We are going to guide you how to get rid of your car. So, without beating about the bush, let’s keep going.

1: How?

Well, it’s quite simple! You should sell your car to anyone who is interested in buying it or sell the parts of your car separately that still function properly.

Be mindful, dealerships wouldn’t want to buy your junk or broken car as every dealer wants to make a little amount of profit first and foremost (understood). Getting repaired the car after they pay for it is quite expensive for dealers to consider and full of a risk as well, with a potential to fall through.

On the other hand, any individual buyer may be interested in buying your damaged or junk car as a project to start working on. That sounds good, isn’t it? For these kinds of individuals, an old or used car has a plethora of potential to become something unique and customizable.

Besides, also consider junkyards and auto salvage yards, of course – as salvage yards or junkyards are always interested in buying all broken, damaged or dead cars, but not to fix it. Aside from junkyards, salvage yards mostly buy the parts of the cars. As the name suggests, they will take anything which is salvageable or can be refurbished.

Once junkyards or salvage yards uncovered the car of anything valuable, they will crush your car for scrap metal and then your car will completely be recycled.

2: Why?

In order to figure out which method is perfect for selling your car whether it’s online or locally, you should also first iron out why you want to sell. Well, there are numerous answers to that question.

The first, if you are scouting to be more environmentally friendly, then it can be a reason why you want your car to be sold. Nowadays, car brands have been making a push toward cleaner and energy-efficient cars, thanks in part to customer demand.

Perhaps you are looking for a new car as new models have improved gas mileage, have a small carbon footprint as well as run on electricity as compared to an older model car which has a high emissions output and gobbles gas. Or, your car is just a piece of junk or broken entirely and beyond repair. And no amount of fixing it will get your car to run like before.

Instead of getting involved into how to fix and how much money would be required to fix it, just buy a brand-new car when it’s broken and the repair cost goes beyond the car’s actual value. All right! Your car isn’t broken fully and can be fixed with a little amount of money, but it’s too old and the parts are no longer available.

Other Reasons

Another reason you are looking to sell your car out is that you have lost the title. In that kind of cases, selling a used, broken or junk car can be tricky. In other words, it’s absolutely impossible. Additionally, you cannot sell your car to any dealer or private individual if you have lost your car’s title because it’s a primary document which proves that you are the owner of the car.

However, if you unable to get a duplicate title or don’t want due to any reason, don’t be disappointed. Some auto salvage yards or junkyards may still buy it off if you can prove the ownership of your car without any title.

Tip: while looking around for whom to sell your car to, consider finding online Car Buyers in UAE. Perhaps, you aren’t familiar, but Crazy Car Corner does welcome to those looking to sell their junk, damaged or dead cars. Just drop your details, sit back and let Crazy Car Corner do their work.

Don’t be in a hurry as chances are you will get a better deal with companies and online buyers. Normally, auto companies have an automated process which helps sellers to sell their junk or broken car with ease at a high price (not really!).


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