How I became successful in my own terms?

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People say, it takes a lot of hardwork and many years to become successful.

I disagree because I feel it takes only one moment. The moment of realization, inspiration and most importantly decision.

Growing up, I still remember intently watching Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen. I knew Iwas interesting in trying recipes. I wanted to become a rich masterchef. On the other hand, my parents had their own dreams. They kept pushing me towards a different path. They wanted me to join a bank. As they themselves grew up in a hand to mouth scenario, couldn’t peruse higher education, they always dreamt of a stable life for their only son. Having a good education was important as they say this is something no one can ever take back from you. So off I went to a business school and started working for a bank in New York.

Overall, I wasn’t that bad at my work. As a 23 years old, I managed to earn $50000 in my job without any type of loan debt. Only two years into it, I started to turn antsy. Working in the finance department was unfulfilling. I didn’t have any idea why I was trying so hard making the rich richer. I got so stressed sometimes that I started seeing spreadsheets and meetings in my dreams. From within, I was seeking a higher purpose and a more fulfilled life but I really had no idea where to start it from. At that particular point, I decided I’ve had enough. I will do something that will satisfy me.

Earned a living walking my own path

After 6 months of rigorous planning, I left my job. Back then, it was a very difficult decision to take because I had a handsome job. But there were three reasons why I took this step:

  • I was young
  • I though you have only one life to live
  • Everyone who has followed their dream have become successful

I was an individual who wanted to do something different.

What did I do?

I was always interested in cooking. I wanted to put all my energy into it. I had saved some money with my job so I decided to open a food cart with least investment. My friends and family said it was a foolish decision but I had already decided to give it a shot. I asked my dad to give me one year of my life and I will prove my potential. After a lot of resistance, he agreed.

My love for crossword

One thing I want to mention is I have been a crossword enthusiast since college days. While all this pressurizing mode was on, one fine night, while I was browsing the Internet, I came across the line that read “play& win real cash with interesting crossword game”. Wealth Words was the name of the web online crossword game. This was something new. Maybe because it was a free game, I gave it a shot. Although, I didn’t win but I felt it was quite interesting. I started playing 5-10 puzzles every day. Some were open games and some were paid. I tried both. To my surprise, I won a few and I actually received the winning amount via PayPal. Life took a ‘U-turn’ from there.

When you have more, give more.

One year completed and my food cart has now turned into big, full-fledged restaurant offering meals, snacks, beverages and what not. My love for food and cooking skills lead me to become the owner of a restaurant. And the money I win in playing online word game, I use it as charity.

I kept asking myself:

  • Where do I see myself in the next five years?
  • What am I doing for the ones that are underprivileged?
  • Did I take a good decision?

I answered all the questions and I was very happy.

What did I do next?

I have always been a self-sufficient man. Since childhood, I dreamt of doing something for the underprivileged. This was my chance. If God has blessed me with money via this real money game and helping me turn into a successful chef, why not utilize it in the best possible way? I started teaching the underprivileged kids who couldn’t afford school fee. That too for free. The supplies like notebooks, pencils etc. were provided to them for free. Soon, many joined me and I became a reputed person within the area. In addition, I also offered them free mid-day meals. For me, they became my family. They discuss their issues with me and I try to resolve them as soon as possible.  The smile on their faces gives me contentment. I feel glad, blessed and lucky because I’m trying to bring a little change in their lives.

This is what I feel now:

  • I have become a charming person
  • Optimistic person
  • Satisfied with life
  • Blessed

Although, I may not be earning as high as I was during my job in the bank but I’m happy and most importantly satisfied.

At the end of the road, you should know what makes you happy. There will be no one to cheer you up or do the work for you. Rely on your own hunger until you reach your destination. The obstacle along the way was crucial because overcoming it leads to ultimate success.

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