How to Maintain Good Oral Health in Living the Fast Life

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In today’s world where everything is running at a fast pace and people are living a busy life, we want everything done in a split of a second. What we want is a life where everything seems possible without spending much on doing anything.

And in this busy schedule, we miss out on a lot of things. Taking care of our health is one part of it. And by health let me be clear about Oral Health. How many times has it happened that you have thought of visiting a dentist just for a routine check-up?

Though we do care about our general health, yet oral health is never on priority and mostly overlooked. So, let us today list down the oral care routine which will not take much of your time and will keep your teeth healthy and clean.

Say no to Soda

For a healthy mouth, it is very important that you keep your habits healthy. Consumption of carbonated drinks is a strict no. No matter how many times have we read about it, yet we tend to go in that direction. Let us discuss that part again. The two ingredients which soda contains such as phosphoric acid and citric acid can wear off the enamel from your tooth exposing your dentin which will then definitely cause cavities. If you consume soda in small amount, even then with time these ingredients will make the enamel softer and susceptible to decay. Go for water as a base when you really wish to consume the flavored drink.

Sugary Affair

You have often heard the dentist saying, that because you consume a lot of sugar, therefore, you are prone to cavities. Yes, sugar is the main culprit. It gives fuel to the bacteria which causes cavities in the tooth. The effect of sugar lasts up to 20 minutes. So be careful with the first thing you eat in the morning and about the first thing you eat before sleeping.

Smoky Habit

Yes, we know you’ve heard it numerous times ‘Quit Smoking’ but today let us give you another reason to do so. The substances such as nicotine and tar in your cigarettes not only make your teeth dull, but they also eat away your gums. Smoking creates a good environment for the bacteria that harm the tissues, degrades the bone of the teeth and can even result in tooth loss. Oh yes, how can we forget it even cause oral cancer?

Dental Visit

Yes, it is important. People do not visit a dentist as they believe that they charge a lot of money. But it is the neglect that costs them money and not the dental visit. Because you ignored visiting a dentist on time, therefore, now you crib. It helps to detect the dental issues if any at an early stage as a result, it will help in getting the solution of the same on time. Look for the best dental clinic or search for a dentist near me option to pick and choose the right dentist.

An Early Start to Good Care

Developing healthy habits in children from the beginning is very important. Make sure that they brush their teeth twice a day. Keep a check on the amount of toothpaste they use and the duration of brushing. Never let it be less than 2 minutes and encourage them to take good care of their teeth.

Right Toothbrush

Brushing twice a day is important but so is using the right toothbrush. Go for medium-sized soft-bristled toothbrush and be gentle while brushing your teeth. also, make it a habit to change your toothbrush after every 3 months or when the bristle wears off, whichever is earlier

Adopt Right Technique

There is a right technique of brushing, make sure you adopt the same. ask your dentist about the right technique and if required let them give a demo as to how to brush. Normally one should keep their toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees and tilt it to rotate it in the circular motion. Be gentle and do not overdo anything. Being aggressive can damage your teeth and even gum line.

Flossing with Finesse

The no. of people flossing is comparatively less. As brushing, make flossing as your habit for healthier gums and teeth. like brushing, flossing too has a proper technique. If not done in the right manner, floss can cause damage to your gums. Wrap around a foot of the floss around your index finger and keep about the two-inches gap between the fingers. Keep it tight while flossing between your teeth as this will remove the plaque if any from your tooth surface keeping your teeth and gums in good shape.