How to Make Extra Money with Photography This Holiday Season?

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We know holidays are for family, but there might be some enthusiastic professional wedding photographers looking out ways to make money during this time.  

Let me get this straight, making money with photography depends on a lot of factors.  

Again, a holiday season can make it more challenging.  

However, there are simple tactics that you could apply and play it safe even during the holiday season.

9 Tips on Making Money with Photography During the Holidays!

A holiday is about giving back to your audience and building more trust-able connections with your clients.

While we all understand that taking a break from your routine marriage photography works is good, still it won’t be suitable for many creative minds out there.

We got to pay the bills, have things to purchase for the home, increasing taxes – reasons like these are enough to explain the need for working in holidays.  And if you’re not into stock investments or have some kind of passive income you’re probably concerned regarding your sources of income.

And talking about the photography and pre-wedding shoots, they are dull during the winters. Be it commercial, wedding or any other type. So how could you make the best of your photography packages and skills?

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Here’s how you could make money with photography in a legit and smart way:

1. Portraits go a long way

The year ends are more about family and friends. You could make the best advantage of this time and plan some crazy ideas for portrait photography. You can get all the family members wearing the same sweaters or jackets for the family portraits. You can set up the portrait session with a special discount and call in your friends and customers for the shoot.

2.Don’t put all the eggs in one basket

If you understand this quote, then you already know what I am talking about.

Keeping all the eggs in one basket will be too risky. Similarly, focusing on a single source of income is also not recommended. Learn new skills, diversify your work. Set up team meetings and discuss with your photography friends on various opportunities you could go with.

This is one of the best things about professional wedding photographers. You can modify it and make changes in your work as and when you need. Once you know that this photography form is what you like – stick to it and practice as much as you want. [Still be aware of the secondary incomes you can check, if the former doesn’t work]

3.Create your own style

Having a signature style of your work is important. You can either be creative for baby photography or be more comfortable with outdoor wedding photography. It could be any genre of photography – try your hands on them and see if it works for you.

Discover the niche in your photography business and develop a taste just for yourself. Design special photo frame for the wedding planning, follow a trend and tune it in your style, discuss with your peer and carry out a trial-error thing. This won’t happen overnight. Give it some time and see which style of budget wedding photography idea is working out.

4.Gift offers and client rewards

No matter if you are big-budget wedding photographers or cheap wedding photographers, you can go with this method. This is more about client appreciation that includes special discounted coupons, time-bound for the project, personalized client gifts, etc.

If your photography company is celebrating the completion of 10+ years, then you can shout out discount offers for pre-wedding shoots with a time validity on it.

5.Become a tutor – teach photography!

Is there anything better than teaching what you enjoy the most?

Being a photography tutor not only adds money to your bank balance but also makes you aware of the ongoing trends in photography. Being up to date with your field is the necessity of the hour.

You can meet people younger or older than you and learn many new aspects of photography. It’s a great way of reviving photography tips about portrait photography, family photo shoots, kids’ photography and much more. For photography lessons, you can even go online and post beginner classes.

6.Click stock photography pictures and sell them online

Another cool way of having a secondary income is by selling your work online.There are two types of a stock directory – one is the macro and another one is micro. To join the Macro stock, your images need to be of high quality and unique. Whereas the Mirco stock is easier to join and submit.

If you have a huge stock of wedding bride photos, then you can try submitting it to Micro or Macro online stock.

7. Join a tour company

If you are a travel lover and a photographer, then there’s nothing better than joining a tour company. You can also try using a few photographs for wedding photo journalism and combine them if they are suiting well with the requirements. This work could be seasonal as well, so check out the work in detail and see how it goes for you.

However, this one is the best for all travelling maniacs!

8. Promote your work through exhibitions

Yes, this could be perfect for all artistic photographers. You can sell and promote your photography, art, and crafts – all of which you have created in the past years in one place. This will help your audience know you better and give you a clear idea about the likes/dislikes as a seller.

For this trip, you will also need a good digital marketing expert. This person will help share and promote the event on social media platforms.

9. Product photography

This one is a bit similar to the stock photography concept, while the difference is that you are dealing with a product company. You will be required to have clearer knowledge about the lighting aspect of this work.

Later, these products will be used for magazines or the website. You can even sell photos online in return for money!

Success doesn’t hit your overnight, and with the availability of free Internet knowledge, you can learn almost anything on this current date. If you are one of the professional wedding photographers, then we would suggest taking the time and upgrade your photography skills. Take trials on different sources of income until you find the best suitable one.

Keep practicing, keep learning. See you soon with another interesting photography blog. 


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