IELTS Singapore Exam Changes Due to COVID-19

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Are you planning to take the IELTS Singapore exam in the coming days? Are you worried about your well being heading towards the IELTS Singapore test centre? We all are aware a lot is going on in this world due to COVID pandemic. A few months back, everything was halted, and the IELTS exam was no exception. However, things are coming back to a new normal. IELTS exam makers are keeping close contact with local administrations and have decided to take things forward considering WHO’s health and safety protocols in every testing centre around the globe. 

Here’s a summary of additional precautionary measures introduced by IELTS governing body for everyone’s well-being on the test day:

  1. IELTS will ask you to sign a health declaration form
  2. IELTS test takers and staffs have to wear a face mask
  3. Hand sanitizers will be readily available at the testing centres
  4. Deep cleaning and sanitization of IELTS Singapore test centre
  5. Additional spacing between test takers and group sizes to be reduced
  6. Partitions across the computer-delivered IELTS exam rooms

Health Declaration

For the safety of all test takers, the exam centre will ask you to fill a self-health declaration form confirming that you are fit and healthy to take the IELTS Singapore exam. The governing body has urged everyone to contact them to reschedule their testing dates if they encounter any of the listed circumstances:

  • If you have been in contact with a person suspected to have the novel coronavirus
  • If you are unwell, suffering from cough or fever, or showing any flu-like symptoms like shortness of breath or a sore throat
  • If you’re under a compulsory self-isolation period

Wearing a mask

Wearing a mask is one of the ways to contain the transmission of the novel coronavirus. It is why every staff member and test-takers need to wear a face mask covering the mouth and nose. However, you may have to uncover your face during the safety checks to confirm your identity going into the exam halls.

Availability of hand sanitizers at the testing centres

As we all know, washing hands regularly and using sanitizers can contain the spread of COVID-19 disease. You need to wash your hands throughout the period of the IELTS test. Also, alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be available for your use.

Disinfection of IELTS exam rooms

To ensure the safety of every candidate, testing centres will ensure every room and test-related equipment are sanitized thoroughly. Testing equipment includes headphones, keyboards, and every other item needed to complete the IELTS test successfully.

Safe distancing between candidates

As per the WHO, maintaining a safe distance is another way to prevent the contagious novel coronavirus. It is because IELTS makers have ensured candidates will get more personal space than usual. It may also include partitions in the computer-delivered test rooms.

Remember, IELTS makers are doing everything they can to ensure a safe testing environment for every candidate globally. Now, it’s your turn to nail the test through an IELTS preparation journey.

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