Increase visits to your real estate agency’s website

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Nowadays, in the real estate market, as in any other business, it is essential to have a website of your own. If your agency still does not know why, see here as the article explains the importance of websites for real estate. This particular strategy have been implement on several brand with most recently on Austin TX investment property site.

After the creation of the website one of the biggest difficulties that companies face is related to the visualizations / accesses of the same. That is, do not just create the platform and forget that it exists, you need to create a strategy that will make your real estate website stand out and attract qualified visitors.

With that in mind, we leaves you with several tips so that your real estate agency’s website can be better positioned in the online world, have more views and, most importantly, get potential customer contacts.

1 – Have a domain of your own

Your real estate agency should have a website with your own domain, just the name of your company (“”). Having such a URL conveys professionalism and trust to your customers and potential customers, as well as making your agency search faster and easier, generating more visits.

2 – Add the website link on other platforms

Adding the website address on all the platforms that are part of the business and making the most of the other media is important for the disclosure of your website. Place the website link on the social networks you’re on, on business cards, on your email signature, and also on ads.

3 – Bet on interesting content

Increasingly, the customer likes to see original and unique content, publications that are different from the competition. Create interesting themes to capture the attention of your customers and prospects. Do not make the mistake of publishing the same content on various pages of your website, otherwise it may seem unprofessional. Add photos or videos to your real estate listings, capturing the customer’s attention with these multimedia content.

4 – Use keywords

One reason you may not be having the views you want may be the incorrect use of your keywords. The famous keywords are like hashtags in a social network and its correct use dictates the success of the website. These are the words that will make the website of your agency to be found by people who are looking for your services or real estate. Bet on words like: “real estate agency in X” “buy house in X” “apartments in X”. Be specific. Work words related to your market. Take advantage of real estate descriptions to enter them. Speak for example. in “housing t2 in Aveiro” and always leave the indication that it is a “real estate agency in Aveiro”.

5 – Be aware of statistics

People who visit the website of your real estate agency are looking for a certain type of information. Analyze which pages are the most visited and which are the content that generate the most views. That way, you’ll be able to see which ones are most suggestive, and start betting more and more on them. For example, notice which properties with more views, sometimes it may not be for the property itself, but for the photos are more eye-catching!

6 – Invest in advertising on multiple search engines

Investing in an ad campaign is important for the website to have more views and reach more customers. Set a budget and bet on Google Adwords campaigns to empower your business. This is the fastest way to increase views on your real estate website.

Nowadays it is very important that your real estate agency has its own website and that customers visit your online platform! Having a domain of your own, adding the link on other platforms, releasing interesting content and using keywords are some of the tips that have been prepared for your website to have more views. Results may be slow to appear, but they will be satisfactory!