Interview with Venkatesh C. R.-Dot Com Infoway

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1. When did you start your business?

Officially, Dot Com Infoway was founded in 2000 so we’ve been around for a bit over two decades.

2. How does your business compare to competitors in the market?

We try to leverage as much as possible on the vast experience we’ve acquired from the moment we started with just 5 employees 20 years ago up to the present. Our varied, ever-growing portfolio readily reveal our solutions’ adaptability to multiple industries.

Another key ingredient in our success is our openness and enthusiasm to support our clients all the way. We aim to help them achieve their goals, so we treat them as part of our team (and family) the moment we start a partnership.

3. What market does your company serve?

Pretty much any industry or individual that needs IT-related solutions, especially when it comes to app development and digital marketing, is our target market. We’ve catered to industries belonging to healthcare, transportation, restaurant, lifestyle, mass communications, real estate, religious sectors, among others.

I think that should give you sufficient clues about the reach, versatility, and variability of our services.

4. What makes your business unique?

I believe our longevity and story make us unique. I can say the same for the way we conduct partnerships, how we consider our clients part of our team, and the relationships we build and strengthen, which ensure our growth. We’ve carved our own niche in the IT industry by being recognized as a reputable company both locally and globally. We’ve also made a reputation for our outstanding offshore work as well.

These may be qualities and achievements that other companies also have, but I think being able to claim that we have them all gives us certain originality. Taken as a whole, it allows us to stand on our own pedestal.

5. Have you ever had to accomplish a job with a restricted budget or resources? What actions did you take in response to these concerns?

Plenty of times. Having an MVP and clear goals from the outset is a must as in such cases. We advise our clients on the best platform to develop in since multi-platform development is notoriously costly. More importantly, we develop pricing models that our clients can choose from to make sure that they won’t spend more than their intended budget.

6. How would you describe your company’s success so far?

I’d say it’s the result of hard work and genuine passion – an uncommon combination in most enterprises if I might add. That we’ve lasted this long certainly fills us with an undeniably profound sense of gratification and pride. I imagine almost anyone who witnesses first-hand the growth of any company from a fledgling company to a self-contained and still-expanding enterprise can say the same. Still, there’s plenty of work to be done and creative ideas to put to life.

7. What services or products do you offer?

We offer both mobile app development and enterprise app development for various industries and individuals that need them. We also provide app marketing and digital marketing services that include the usual solutions like SEO, paid advertising, email marketing, etc.

Besides those two main services, we also let companies hire our staff as dedicated developers as well as conduct business consulting, web development, blockchain development, wallet development, and managed services.

8. Have your Clients recommended your services to people they know?

We’re fortunate to receive recommendations from past and present clients. Oftentimes, our work does the talking for us. You’ll easily notice this if you take the time to read the testimonials that they have given and if you go through our portfolio. We also don’t stop engaging with our clients and actively provide support post-development and maintain connections with them.

9. What made you choose to start a company in this industry?

I’m a tech-enthusiast first and foremost. To say that I love technology and the wonders it can bring about is an understatement. Now that I think about it, I consider myself fortunate for having started and grown a company that is founded on that passion.

That, plus the fact that I saw the immense potential in the IT industry back then. Also, we made it our goal to spread internet usage in our city of Madurai and the entire country.

10. Which qualities do you look for in new employees?

As much as possible, I want to see the same passion I have with technology and for him or her to be willing to learn and be part of our team. They also need to be aligned with our ideals, mission, and vision.

11. How will you navigate a project with a small budget?

Firstly, I’ll need to know the exact goals of the client and tell him or her whether it’s realistic or not (so we can change it to one that will suit the budget). Afterward, I’ll suggest the most suitable pricing model for it, with maintenance costs already accounted for. Usually, I will lean more toward being practical and minimalistic if the budget’s limited, and in many app development projects, this proves to be a good move that leads to successful outcomes.

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