Know about the perfect rakhi for different zodiac signs

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Like all other festivals, the celebration Rakhi too comes once in a year. And it’s celebrated with glitter and splendor to define the bond of love and care between brother and sister. Now Rakhi is more than tying a knot as it calls for the celebration where gifts are exchanged. Now as you get concerned about gifts to remember that it is a feeling of pleasantness that both the siblings want to bestow on each other. But why not try to design this Rakhi in a contemporary way? That means you can choose a gift for your brother according to his or her zodiac sign through online gifts

Rakhi for Aries:

Aries is known as an energetic personality. They are born to challenge takers and have the right capacity to deal with any challenge. Therefore, to meet up the lively gesture of the Aries you should get a Rakhi that should be something in yellow, orange or has the red hue.

 Warm hearted Taurus

For those who have a brother with a zodiac Taurus have found that they are warm and cordial people. But on the other side are sluggish and are rigid by nature. Therefore a silver-toned rakhi with a hue of blue will make the perfect Rakhi gift.


Gemini is brilliant people with witty sense. Thus to honor their intelligence, it is worthy to Choose Rakhi color which is green as green manifests growth and prosperity.


If you have a brother who is a Cancerian, then obviously he will have the zeal to feel loved and cared. At the same time, he loves to get attention from people and are also sensitive by heart. Therefore for those who are Cancerians for them, a white colored or a cream colored rakhi with a pearl attached would be the best choice.


Leos are the stable person and always give their hundred percent into any stuff whether its work or maintaining the relationship. In fact, it is known for the vitality and energy they possess. Thus to salute their consistency you can choose rakhi color exhibiting orange, red or any deep pink color.


Virgo is organized people who are pragmatic in life. In fact, they have an urge to do things with perfection. And are ever ready to manifest their efficiency. Thus to greet their unique trait as a sister you should select a Rakhi with a white or red color thread having a green touch on it.


Libra is a special sign who loves to maintain a certain kind of equilibrium in all spheres of life. They use diplomacy to keep that balance always. But honestly, they are daring brothers and can actually get out of the box to stand by their dearest sisters. Thus for this Rakhi, you should choose the dazzling red color threaded rakhi for your brother.


From your childhood days, you have seen that your brother is moody and secretive by nature. As he is ascendant of a Scorpio, so choosing a perfect Rakhi for a Scorpio is tough after considering his courage, loyalty, and zeal to achieve the ambition. Well after taking these things into account as a sister you selected the perfect red color as the basic rakhi color.


They are knowledge seekers and so does your little brother. Besides acquiring knowledge on every front, they are spiritually inclined people, therefore a perfect yellow color would be the right choice as a Rakhi thread color.


They are less emotional but are ambitious so they will like to amaze you with their unique personality. But again they have a sweet nature as well therefore to please your adorable brother, the pink color is the best choice as the Rakhi color.

Thus, these are few Rakhi colors for each zodiac that you can order from the Online Rakhi Gift Box.