7 Best Websites for Reading HQ Manga Online for Free

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When it comes to reading manga online, the biggest problem that most people have is finding a best quality manga site that offers good enough user experience. There are just so many online manga sites out there, that offer average manga quality and poor quality of services that you start thinking of them as the standard. But there are still some pretty great free manga sites out there, that offer high quality manga for free. We are here to talk about some of these sites.

Below are the 7 best websites for reading HQ manga for free in 2020  

1. Mangastream.cc

Mangastream.cc is a manga stream clone website which came out when the original website stopped providing its services. This website is for mangastream audiences who don’t want to visit any other site for reading manga online. The best feature of this site is its easy navigation across all the user interface sections of the site. This website is great for beginner as well as hardcore manga readers.  


We recommend MangaPanda for manga readers who prefer ease of access over anything. With this manga site, you won’t have to worry about paying subscriptions on a monthly basis. This manga website doesn’t charge you anything for reading manga here. MangaPanda has great user reviews online and the mobile app that it offers makes it even easier for you to read manga online.  


MangaKakalot works a lot like mangastream or any other free manga site. Meaning, this site doesn’t require registration, it is free, and the manga quality is HD. Although the ads on this manga site can get quite annoying at times, it is still a great choice for reading manga online. It has a huge collection of manga series from all kinds of genres. You can find kids as well as adult manga here for free.


TenManga is widely known in the manga readers community and is famous for the manga reading experience that it has to offer. When we first tried reading manga on this site, the user interface felt a bit dull, but it has been kept this way on purpose to make the site easier to use. Although the UI could’ve been more interactive, the site is a great choice for beginner manga readers.     


MangaGo features modern user interface and an impressive user experience which makes this site the best option to use in the place of mangastream. With this site, you can get access to all the latest and classic manga and since the site is updated on a regular basis, you won’t miss out on the latest updates to your favorite manga shows. Plus, it is extremely simple to navigate. 


MangaBat features a simple yet easy to surf user interface and the user experience is adequate for beginner manga readers. Unlike paid manga sites, you don’t have to register yourself here or create an account. This site is free to use to read manga online. The thing that we like the most about this site is the very little number of ads and redirects here. MangaBat would allow you to read manga in a smooth environment.  


This website is also a clone site for mangastream. Although this site is not original, the manga quality here is almost the same as what you get at mangastream. With this manga platform, you can read manga using your PC< laptop or on your phone with a mobile web browser installed on it. With amazing manga quality and great user experience, this site would be a great choice for you when reading manga online.

Final Words

There are quite literally dozens of manga sites, free and paid, online that you can check out. Visiting all these sites all by yourself to find the one that works great for you can take a lot of time. So, if you don’t want to go through the hassle, you can visit the websites that we have reviewed. You can go to PastNews to find more options for websites that offer High Quality manga content for free. Make sure to check out all these websites for a great manga reading experience online.   

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