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The Science of hair fall – Reasons for hair loss

Owing to changing lifestyle, poor hygiene, pollution and stress the problem of hair fall has become very common nowadays. However, there is a thin line difference between normal hair fall and clinical hair fall which may require medical attention. The science of hair fall quotes the following reasons behind excessive hair fall:

  • Genetics
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Androgens
  • Pregnancy
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Cosmetic hair treatments
  • Stress

These are some common causes that induce hair loss. Some of them like pregnancy and stress are reversible while others like genetic issues and hormonal imbalance may require clinical attention.

Clinical therapy depends on the severity of hair fall condition. Based on the baldness and pattern of hair fall, hair loss can be subcategorized into following types by the science of hair fall:

Type 1: This is the minimal hair fall which can be easily covered with hair styling techniques as well

Type 2: This is a more visible type of hair fall which can be easily noticed by the widening of the middle line part of the scalp

Type 3: In this case, there is diffused thinking of hair mainly on the top part of the scalp

Now the three types of hair fall patterns are graded on a scale of 1-6 where 1-4 are considered as usual while 5-6 require attention and care.

There can also be non- patterned hair falls where the shedding of hair is very prominent and is prevalent throughout the scalp and not restricted to any one location. Alopecia Areata, Telogen Effluvium and Traction alopecia are three such medical conditions which result in non- patterned hair fall. Read more about The ultimate hair fall solution by Hair Growth India | INTAS

  1. Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease in which there are bald circular patches which may even overlap showing evident baldness on the scalp
  2. Traction Alopecia is caused due to localized trauma and stretching of hair due to tight hairstyles which weakens the roots resulting in hair fall
  3. Telogen Effluvium is the shedding and thinning of hair due to trauma post surgery, childbirth or any other stressful condition

Morr F  The ultimate solution for androgenic alopecia

Morr F 5 is an amazing solution formulation of Minoxidil and Finasteride that can be applied on the bald patches of the scalp to stimulate hair regrowth.

One more of this solution can be applied twice daily to see visible effects within 3-4 months. However, do not rush and go for overdosing, stay calm and don’t exceed the dose by 2 ml/ day. Also, once your hair regrowth has started do not discontinue the use of this solution, as it may lead to a reversal of alopecia! Continue using Morr f medication for the longer span to ensure healthy hair growth and prevent alopecia from ruining your good looks.