Need a New Business Idea? Here Are a Few Great Ideas

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Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 over the past few months, many people across the globe have been left without a job and in financial difficulty. Also, those who have been made redundant have been forced to be creative with their career optionsdue to the limited number of job opportunities available. Starting up a new business has become one of the most popular ways of carving out a new career, with the additional benefit of becoming their own boss and enjoying flexible hours rather than a rigid schedule with minimal job satisfaction. 
If you’re considering starting up your own business, here are a few ideas that may be worth thinking about:


Investing is a fantastic way of making a passive income, without having to actively work to earn cash.An investment portfolio can help you reach your financial goals, while still having the time to manage other businesses or retaina full-time job. Some investments do come with a significant risk, but a safer option tobear in mind is purchasing assets such as golden nuggets from Although this type of investment won’t be turning over a steady income from the get-go, holding them for several years may increase their value before being sold for a significant profit.

Event planning

If you have always had a knack for organization and are interested in different types of events, there’s no reason why you couldn’t become an event planner. If you have no previous experience working in the industry, it may be worth enrolling onto a degree course to give you the relevant theories and skills for the role.Once you have the basic knowledge of what the role of an events planner entails, the next step would be to contact venues that may be interested in working with you as their specialized events planner.

Interior decorator or designer

Many homeowners simply don’t have the time to decorate their properties around their personal commitments and often decide to hire a professional contractor to carry out the work for them. If you have the talent of creativity and practical DIY skills, there’s no reason why you can’t start a business in interior designing or decorating.

If you’rekeen to focus on the design aspect, you may need a bachelor’s degree in interior design or enroll onto an apprenticeship before building a portfolio from work experience placements or study.


If you are a talented wordsmith, you could also consider becoming a freelance copywriter. Ultimately, this is a career in which you can choose your own hours and clients that interest you. As businesses are now relying heavily on online marketing to widen their customer base, the demand for copywriters has grown significantly over the last few years. You don’t necessarily need a formal qualification to become a copywriter, but it would certainly be in your best interests to put together a portfolio of writing that can be used as evidence of your skills.