“OurCoaching” An e–Learning platform

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Internet has opened up opportunities to a large number of possibilities and gaining knowledge is one of the most prominent ones. The whole concept of education has witnessed a revolutionary change in the form of e-learning that offers numerous benefits to help one realize his goals. Making survival easier in today’s competition-driven world, Ourcoaching is an online learning platform where learning is fun and convenient. It was built in 2015 to enable students to gain knowledge while also letting experts share their knowledge with the world by uploading content. Our online resources are self-explanatory and absolutely free of cost to enable each student to grow and succeed. With an aim to nurture young talent, Ourcoaching bridges the gap between learning and accessibility. Here are a few offerings that make Ourcoaching one of the best online learning platform.

Everyone can access –

Ourcoaching eliminates barriers and borders by enabling everyone to have access to quality education, irrespective of the location. All you require is a simple sign up after which you can either create content in your field of specialization or gain knowledge about a particular subject. Whether you are a boy or a girl, a professional or a teacher, our online platform is open for all. Our aim is to create a conductive environment for learning.

Knowledge in abundance-

Unlike conventional coaching where you get to learn subjects that you paid for, Ourcoaching allows you to have access to more than 10k topics and numerous disciplines with just a sign-up. Moreover, we don’t charge anything and let you succeed and grow without any hurdle. With us by your side, you always have of exploring different topics and gaining knowledge, even about things that don’t form a part of your regular curriculum.

Comfort and flexibility-

Classroom learning can at times be uncomfortable requiring a student to bear the costs of not just the course but also the commute. Moreover, in case of an emergency, there’s no way to the student can turn back the clock and learn everything again. But this is very much possible in case of Ourcoaching where you have an option of watching a video repeatedly until you get clarity on the subject. Moreover, the lessons can be learned any time from the comfort of one’s home. Hence, no matter whether you are an evening person or someone whose concentration level is maximum during the day, you have the flexibility to learn whenever you want.

Knowledge sharing-

Another important purpose of education is knowledge sharing. Ourcoaching is a common platform for online teachers who are yearning to gain knowledge and those who want to share it with others. This paves way for lessons that are easy to understand and interesting to go through. With high engagement and quality education at your fingertips, it gets easier to excel and hence succeed.

Joint Venture-

Ourcoaching is a joint venture of KunalKapoor and his brother who wanted to revolutionize education by building a cloud-based learning platform to help educate students. Although Ourcoaching is presently operating from its Delhi based office, we soon aim to build a number of offices in 5 major metro cities. With thousands of registered users by our side, we strive to make the process of gaining education seamless, affordable and efficient.