Press Release: A Key Toward Marketing Success

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Imagine you have finally decided to put your long time creative ideas into the actions to start a new business. Or you are just launching a new product and service of the existing company. Well, if you are serving in the industry for a long time then, you are capable of pulling some strings here and there and come up with an event to announce your achievement and spread the words in the crowd.
But as the days begin to pass and the event date comes nearer, you start re-checking the list of things you need and BOOM! You come up with the biggest challenge “Press Coverage”.
Well, you can imagine the rest of the part by yourself.

You are running out of time, money and don’t have enough connections to find a good blogger or journalist who can cover and publish your event to attract the audience. So, what are you going to do now? You might be panicking asking yourself “How am I going to share the news with the whole world without compromising with the limited budget?”
During such a situation all arrows pints toward only one answer; Press Release.

Many digital experts consider press release as the best search engine optimization strategy for any business.
Press release delivers results to businesses regardless of their industry, size, profile, and profit margin. This means such type of content marketing will work like a miracle for your businesses. Now, this statement brings you to the next question:

What can be Expect from The Press Release?

No doubt, there are numerous advantages you can receive with the press release and top of that; you don’t have to donate a big portion of your budget in the entire process. So, without wasting anymore moment

Benefits You can Easily Obtain with the Publication of Press Release

Instant Exposure
As a small or medium size entrepreneur, how would you actually spread the news about your new product or service launch without going bankrupt? Here you need to learn one important thing which is that “content is the king but the engagement is the queen and the lady rules the house”.
So, you may want to invest all your limited resources on a single copy that sweep readers off to their feet and make themselves imagine how their life would be with your products and services. In this crucial moment, a question that arises is how would you know which content copy can make this possible? Another question that will appear in your mind is why do you need to invest in the press release? After all, you are already advertising through blogs, articles and web pages.

Actually, each content type plays an important role in the marketing sector, something you cannot ignore. For example, web pages are generally used to introduce your goods and service, while articles and blogs are used to establish a positive connection with the clients via answering most common questions and sharing insights with the readers.
On the other side, press release allows you to build the authority, and trust among the audience on different news platform by stimulating media and press outlets to publish your story and encouraging customers to visit your website or store, let them find more information on the previous accomplishment, recent service areas and more.

Boost Up Sales Leads
Aside from catching the attention of the public and stay in the limelight, the press release can also influence your profit margin. Through remarkable content copy, you can highlight top features and benefits of your product and service which will take on the top of the current market.

You may want to publish a different press release on different events, occasions to announce your number of achievements like the launch of new service, the collaboration with the new company, or the recent country you have started to provide your services in, or a recent milestone you have just accomplished. Each of them is newsworthy to catch the attention of the audience and bring your business in the spotlight. This will not only work as the best search engine optimization strategy for any business but convince your customers what you offer is worthy of their money, time and attention.

An Opportunity to Paint Yourself as an Industry Expert
A press release is a golden opportunity for those who have the dream to represent themselves as the industry expert. The press release is an effective way to build trust and loyalty in your field. A well-written and structured press release allows you to brand yourself as high as you want. In addition, you can represent yourself as an expert who offers the top-notch product and services in the entire market.

Additional SEO Benefits
Press release posted/published on higher domain authority websites offer valuable backlinks for SEO purposes. Moreover, with the proper optimization of the content, you can increase the visibility of your press release, making it searchable on various search engines. You can add different tags in your press release that will allow the audience to access your content from different search results. You must optimize your press release to unlock the SEO benefits.

Now, when you have become familiar with the benefits of the press release, it is time to select the right digital marketing company for the distribution process. In such a situation, it is highly suggested to go with the company that matches your needs, budget, and objectives.


Alice Redcliff is an expert technical writer who writes on the topic related to digital marketing. Recently she has written blog posts to highlights the concepts of website design, development, and going digital marketing trends.

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