Pros & Cons of Using Run-Flat Tires

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Gone are the days when new cars used to come with spare tires. But nowadays, vehicles come without spare tires as they’re equipped with repair kits or run-flat tires.

When it comes to run-flat tires,the chances of you getting stranded are way too less. Inevitably, the run-flat tires aren’t perfect as a tire failure can leave your car disabled without as pare tire. And for obvious reasons, run-flat tires are very much expensive to replace as well. But when you experience a puncture or other tire failure,run-flat tires use self-supporting sidewalls allowing your vehicle to move with very little air pressure. Here’re a few pros and cons of having run flat tires.So let’s dive in;

Pro: Don’t Have to Change at the Road-Side

With run-flat tire technology, this is the significant advantage you get. Even without air, the run-flat tires let you drive to your destination whether it’s the home or repair shop. Since it has the thicker sidewalls, it allows you to drive 50 mph until the tires are repaired. Even if you know how to change the tires, it’s still uncomfortable to do so at the roadside while the traffic is passing by.

Pro: It can run Even if the Sidewall Blows-Out

Tires get punctures when they run over a nail, screw or some other sharp object. It can be repaired by installing a patch kit & re-inflating the tire. Mainly, that’s the idea behind the tire inflat or kits that come standard instead of spare tires in many cars.Recently, as more cars are coming with low-profile tires, a huge fraction off lat tires are caused by sidewall blowouts. Such blowouts lead to large sidewall tears that can’t be fixed using sealant, so the tire has to be replaced.

Con: Limited Selection & Availability

Since there is a huge variety of cars along with different types & sizes of tires, you’ve got a bazillion options to choose from. But when it comes to run-flat tires, there’s a very small portion to choose from. Most of the run-flat tires are mainly designated as the equipment tire and not as the replacement tires. Typically, the tire retailers try to stock the car tires for other cars, but when it comes to replacing the run-flat tires,you might have to face some inconvenience as it’ll first be ordered from the company.

Con: Hard Ride is Normal Here

Before buying the run-flat tires,keep in mind they tend to pound harder over bumps as compared to other tires.Even though the latest models have improved in ride quality, the most comfortable run-flat won’t match the most comfortable conventional car tyre in Sharjahespecially when it comes to the ride quality.

Many cars coming from the factory mounted with run-flats usually have the suspension tuning that actually takes the characteristics of the car tires into account. Perhaps that’s the reason why some manufacturers don’t recommend replacing run-flat tires with traditional ones.