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Vision loss or blindness is one the common problems people are suffering nowadays. The advancement in medical technology is a blessing, helping patients with farsightedness and nearsightedness to see. These technologies are revolutionizing to fight diseases like glaucoma and degeneration. Thanks to these treatments helping to cure blindness disease which was not possible.

The lists of curable blindness treatments are here; these are making ways to remove darkness from people life. Hope that medical advancement keeps on changing the people life in better ways. We will keep on wondering how this technology will bring in the revolution.

  • Curing Vision loss in glaucoma patients through diamonds

Glaucoma is the condition when pressure is buildup in the eyes leading towards blindness. Here, it is must to use the drops with consistency to prevent eyes from tiredness and blindness. Most of the people often forget to put drops in their eyes.

These are the reasons that Researches at the University of California are finding it out how diamonds can transform in to contact lenses and cure this disease permanently. Research is just about to complete and soon it will help people to get rid of Glaucoma.

  • The new 3D printing technology

A joint project between London’s Fripp Design and Britain’s Manchester Metropolitan University is about to launch, to overcome the costly procedure of replacing an eye after an incident or illness. This technology will make it quicker and easier. This 3D printing is unlike the current means of eye replacement, it is less costly, and time saving. The current process involves the hours or molding and hand-painting with the cost of $5000, this will bring the prices surprisingly to $150.

  • Surgical Alternative to reading glasses – Corneal inlay

When people reach the age of 40s and 50s it often becomes hard for them to read the books and looking at the mobile screen clearly. This is also called Presbyopia that is cause due to the stiffening of an eye lens that makes it difficult to focus.

Why Corneal inlay? This is the tiny device require the surgery of 10-15 minutes through a laser. The inlay is inserter after cutting a small flap of the non-dominant eye’s cornea in the middle of an eye. This process increases the depth of focus of the center of cornea.

  • Gene Therapy

After the first gene therapy for blindness, door for various gene therapies has come to existence. In university of California, Berkeley, Researchers experiments by placing the gene in to retinas of blind mice that allows them to detect the flashing of light.

There are several examples shows test for gene therapy. However, gene therapy is the most expensive one as the drugs used in the treatment called Luxturna, cost huge amount i.e. of $425000 per eye.

  • Smartphone Eye Examination

Again, Smartphone is making life quicker. It is usually helpful there where heavy equipment is hard to carry. The app has the lens attached to it that makes it easy to examine the treatment requirement.

There are many ways through which smart phones can help detect the eye problems. It is done through taking clear image that can be easily shared with the experts. For instance, peek retina chip onto the camera of Smartphone help the physicians to examine the retina.

Moreover, there are also other devices which help to examine the eyes conditions and use to show physicians for suggesting treatment

  • Implant May Reduce Office Visits

As already mentioned glaucoma patients suffers with the pressure of an eye and this pressure makes the other changes. This is the reason the glaucoma patients have to visit the office again and again to check the position of an eye. This implantation of electronic sensors in the eye tracks the pressure changes. This recorded data can be easily shared with the wireless gadgets or handheld devices to the physicians reducing the office visits.

  • Glaucoma diagnosis with the help of TV

Glaucoma diagnosis is not that easy. The loss of vision if repaid and until the time patient visit the physician because of irritation, it is too late and may also be cause of permanent damage.

According to a research in UK, patients monitored through an eye-tracking device with a device while watching films   to assess their eye movements and where they are focusing. Through maps created by these devices researchers concluded that few patients was facing the loss of peripheral vision. Hence, this process really makes glaucoma diagnosis simpler. 

Eyes are sensitive and require quick treatments because often the disease spread quickly. Most people take it and suffer in the end. This is highly recommended that people should immediately report the problem they are facing in their eyes. Soon, this medical advancement will make it easy to diagnose the eye diseases sitting at home. There are many articles that can be easily found in essay writing services website that clearly mentions how eye diseases can cure with advancement in medical technology.

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