Show Plates and Legal Plates: Know the difference

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The online medium has given references to show plates. People can find these references while thinking of buying a new number plate for personal vehicles. Show plates look appealing. But, people need to know the differences between the legal plates and show plates.

Show plates:

Show plates are basically number plates that are not legal. Under the UK law, show plates are not allowed to be used on the road. But, show plates have a good market demand because these are used on customized vehicles and car competitions, rallies, etc. The classic cars collected and preserved without being used are allowed to display show plates. check out Black and Silver Personalized Plate.

The advantages of the show plates:

The show plates are not regulated like the legal plates. They are created in multiple ways that don’t require to obey the legal demands regarding the background and fonts. In this case, the purchasers can select their preferred background.

You can use creative fonts and spacing. The characters are allowed to be spaced for making the Private Number Plates display a specific word. The numbers and the letters are grouped together in the desired unusual manner. You can opt for the italic fonts and alter the overall appearance of the show plate.

You can add images, colors, and logos to the show plate. You can customize the show plate to a great extent for showing the character and personality of the owner as well as the vehicle.


The use of show plates:

Usually, people spend on show plates for car competition or show. No matter if it is a classic car or a custom-made car, show plates add zing to the car’s look. The showrooms allow the visitor to take a look at the show plates. They demonstrate the visitors how the plate can look without the requirement of legal registration.

The show plates are not only used on personal cars. The business houses purchase show plates for using them as signage. Show plates can be generated and decorated with words. They can act as an effective method of labeling of room, brand or a specific department.

The cost:

Show plates don’t need any paperwork to buy. In the UK, using of show plates on the public road is considered illegal. The owners shouldn’t drive cars with show plates on the road. The show plates may be cheap, but, you can’t use them on road.

Legal number plates:

Legal number plates are allowed to use on the British roads. These number plates have to undergo strict supervision and follow specific rules about the reflective background, design, and durability. Even, the size, characters, and fonts are minutely regulated.

Legal Number Plate

The rules attached to the legal number plates:

  • The characters are required to be black in a particular font
  • The margin at the top, side, and bottom around the registration number should be minimum 11 mm
  • The character width of the registration number must be 50 mm
  • The character height should be 79 mm
  • Space should be 11 mm between the characters
  • The character stroke must be 14 mm
  • The space that lies between the two groupings of the number is supposed to be 33 mm

Additional rules:

  • The British Standard Number along with the name of the manufacturer should be placed at the plate’s bottom right-hand side.
  • The number plate manufacturer’s name and the postcode should be displayed on the legal plate at the center of the lower part
  • The border surrounding the number plate shouldn’t be retroreflective. It is allowed to be colored. The thickness should be 6 mm
  • No random image other than national identifier is allowed

The expert advice people to buy legal number plates from a known manufacturer. It ensures the safety and legalization of the plate.

For the motorbike, the legal number plate’s rules vary a little from that of the cars.

  • The motorbike riders are not obliged to display the number plate on the bike’s front.
  • The margin (top, bottom, and side) must be 11 mm
  • The character height must be 64 mm
  • The character stroke must be 10 mm
  • The character width must be 44 mm
  • The space between the characters must be 13 mm
  • The space between the two number groupings must be 30 mm
  • The British Standard Number and the manufacturer name should be located at the plate’s bottom right-hand corner
  • The border should not be retroreflective and not thicker than 6mm

The legal plates can display the national flag. You can use show plates on the car shows. Therefore, if you are driving directly to any such competition, rally or show, make sure to fix a legal plate while on the road and after reaching the show, you can change it with the show plate. Otherwise, you can be severely fined.

Kent Charlie

Kent Charlie is associated with a vehicle registration agency that also deals with the personal number plate design. He has also been writing for many online publications on a freelance basis. Kent loves travelling and adventure riding, which he often does alone. Collecting heritage car number plates is one of his favorites and he takes pride of that. He takes inspiration from Plates4Less which sells number plates for vehicles.

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