Start Your Own Chimney Business: Get the right knowledge

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Any business brings profit. But, if you make continuous mistakes the same business can ruin the entire life. If you don’t do enough research and make all the necessary arrangements before starting your business, it can be a big mess. Chimney business comes at a definite cost.

Many chimney sweeps prefer to be self-employed. They have to take the entire liability of the administration and the management of their business. There are specific chimney sweep courses rendered by reputed institutions and at the end of the course, certification is provided to the candidates. There is also a specific apprenticeship program aiming at Chimney Engineering.

The profession of chimney sweeps have certain merits and demerits:

The merits:

  • Be your own boss:

Picking up a profession of chimney sweep can fit you if you don’t like a typical office job and wish to be your own boss. You have the power to control your working hours and the related orders. Also, you have to take liability for the management works. Full freedom is guaranteed if you choose self-employment. But, you have to work extremely hard as you have to compete with big companies and other freelance chimney sweeps.

  • You can meet new people:

During the cleaning season, chimney sweeps get to meet lots of new people who can be loyal customers. Many people become friends of the sweep and they call the later whenever they need any chimney job to be done.

  • Little or no work in summer:

You have to accept the fact. If you are going to be a chimney sweep, you may hardly get any work order. You may have no or very little earning during this period. So, you have to seek orders as much as you can during other times. By that time, you can engage in other professional activities or simply enjoy the summertime.

  • The work of solo chimney sweep won’t require decade long experience:

Good experience in the industry always works the best. But. If you work fine, your customers may not inquire about your working experience.

The demerits:

  • You have to embrace dirt:

Chimney sweeping is a dirty job. It’s risky too. The creosote, poisonous dirt particles, and gas can bestow lung problems, respiratory issue, skin, and eye infection, etc. Even, you may meet an accident by falling from the roof. Chimney sweeping job is very tiresome.

  • The equipment and tools are expensive:

The brushes, rods, ladders, aprons, mask, headguard, camera, etc. can cost you a lot. If you wish to offer your customers more advanced services, you have to spend extra.

  • Be ready to be responsible for the paperwork:

You will be the business owner. You have to look after all the aspects of running an ethical business. If something goes wrong with the documents and the paperwork, you have to take responsibility.

  • You can’t ignore the high competition:

Due to the availability of many eligible chimney sweeps in the market, you may not get a highly profitable business. Gradually, you can see some money coming to your account.

There may be a trust issue as you will be new in the field. You have to work extremely hard to make your clients believe in your capability.

Now, it’s time to look at the necessary knowledge and preparation you must be ready with before being a professional chimney sweep:

  • Pursue the right training:

Generally, chimney sweeps are self-taught. They usually learn by working under a senior sweep and gather experience. But, certain certificates are provided to the chimney sweeps. Institutions like Chimney Safety Institute of America, National Chimney Sweeps Guild, etc. provide an accredited certificate that adds benefits to the profession. Your certificate can win you many customers who believe in genuineness.

  • The variation of the salary:

The salary can vary depending on the experience, location, job’s complexity, etc. If you are new, you can’t expect to get what the highly experienced ones are getting.

The attached risks:

The job of chimney sweeping involves various risks like working at high elevations, slippery area, poisonous zone, exposure to harmful chemicals, working with fire, etc. You are going to be very dirty. You have to be brave and be ready to face the odds.

  • Arrange the right equipment:

Along with the tools for chimney cleaning and fixing errors, you have to make an arrangement of a van, vacuum cleaner, and ventilator.

  • Don’t forget the official work:

As a chimney sweep, you need to write quotes, prepare the invoice, track expenses, do advertisement, create a logo, make business cards, and many related offices work to run your business.

Don’t miss any opportunity that can give a boost to your business. Keep pace with the current trend and cater to the client’s demands to the fullest.

Adrice White

Adrice White is an experienced chimney sweep working in England. He takes an interest in writing articles on chimney sweeping. He has been into this field for the last 10 years. You can avail more information about functioning chimney and fireplace or stove from his blog posts. A Chimney sweep Crawley Down can help you if you need to get your fireplace and chimney cleaned. White suggests you opt for this service for the ultimate satisfaction.

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