How To Experience The Best Of Thailand Vacations

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Thailand is a jewel of the Asian country and is located in the Asia content. With dozens of fun, exciting, and memorable things, Thailand is now becoming the backpacker’s destination because of its tropical weather, romantic islands, energetic party scenes, vibrant and rich culture, and secluded beaches. If you are planning to take international honeymoon package in search of the romance igniting place, Thailand could be your dose of romance. From savoring the famous Thai food to exploring the beautiful islands, you can enjoy your Thailand vacations in a shoestring budget, i,e, in ₹50,000 only! Wondering how? This is our job to tell, read on!

How To Reach Thailand?

With excellent connectivity of the flights from Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai, there are flights like Jet Airways, Bangkok Airways, Air India that fly from India to Thailand. But, keep in mind, that if you book your flight in advance, i,e, 3 to 6 months before thinking to travel to Thailand, you will get more discounted deals on flight tickets.

Visa Formalities For Thailand

Being the most popular destinations for luxury in the affordable budget, Thailand is offering tourist visa on arrival to Indian passport holders till October 31, 2019. You can enjoy your trip to Thailand for 15 days with an Indian Passport. Carry your Passport, photographs, return flight tickets, a hotel booking proof for the immigration process.

Things to do in Thailand

  1. Explore Phuket

Spice up your honeymoon in Thailand’s largest island, Phuket for a fairy tale experience. A perfect amalgamation of wondrous, adventurous, and romantic, you will find romantic resorts, sunset points, sun-kissed beaches, trendy clubs, bars, and restaurants in bunches. For the beach experience, visit the Ka Beach and Banana Beach, and indulge in water activities like snorkeling, parasailing windsurfing and more.

2. Scale The Beaches At Krabi

For couples, the best and most romance driven beaches in Thailand are tucked away in Krabi. With azure blue waters, cave waterfalls, rich coral reefs, and sand-sational beaches, Krabi is a place to take a pampering couple massage session. You can add five stars on Krabi Thailand honeymoon by savoring the dinner on the beach side, while the cold breeze and waters music does the magic.

3. Marvel The Historical Wonder – Ayutthaya

Embark on a day trip to admire the past generations ancient ruins, historical museums, and study centers at Ayutthaya. The Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Historical Park in Thailand is a crowned as UNESCO World Heritage Site where you will get to see the plenty of historical ruins that are marvelous to visit. Get to see the Ayutthaya if you want to get familiar with the Thai Kingdoms history.

4. Bangkok – To Enjoy The Mix Of Modern Lifestyle and Distinct Culture

If one such place that should not be missed on Thailand trip it would be Bangkok. With the mix of modern lifestyle, marvelous architecture, energetic nightlife (you know what I mean), Bangkok is a backpackers district with its famous night markets where you could locate th people dancing and having the good times.

  • Hop the Chiang Mai to experience the real Thai culture. From temples to Thai silk to scrumptious Thai food, you’ll not get short of things to enjoy in Chiang Mai.
  • Meet the bunch of Tigers at the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai, and play with baby cubs.
  • Ride the most famous mode of transport in whole Thailand, Tuk Tuk Ride is a motorized 3 wheeled vehicle.

Hacks To Make Your Thailand Trip A Wonderful Experience

Book your accommodation in advance. From where? Good question! Book an all-inclusive Thailand honeymoon package with reputed honeymoon vacation planner to get hotels, sightseeing, and activities under one package.

If you want to opt for the essential travel gears like GO PRO Camera, and waterproof camera, ask from your vacation planner company whether this option is valid and inclusive in the package or not.