The Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day should be an excuse to celebrate for all lovers, but it also represents anxiety for some: What do you give them? What will he want? Etc. These are common questions. Do you really need to worry so much? No, because we suggest you the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

I prefer to have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.

(Emma Goldman)

It’s really true, sometimes simple gifts are the most loaded with meaning and most appreciated. Precisely for this reason our suggestion is to give roses.

Continue reading to find interesting ideas for floral gifts, but first we want to tell you who was Valentino.

What is Valentine’s Day?

It would seem that the Valentine’s Day, or something very similar, was a pagan festival in Roman times. There are various legends about Valentine’s Day, we will tell you the story that we like best.

Valentine is the protector of lovers because he insisted on celebrating secret marriages among young people, why in secret? Well, Emperor Claudius II had forbidden marriages for young boys, so they could go to war. Despite this, Bishop Valentino thought this was an injustice, and he continued to marry the young. When he was discovered in 270 AD, he was condemned to death.

That’s all? No there is still a more romantic part of the story / legend, now we get there.

When Valentine was in prison, waiting for his execution, he fell in love with the guardian’s daughter who was blind. It is said that with his faith and his love Valentino managed to give her back his sight and before being brought to die he left a signed farewell: From your Valentino, a famous phrase that is still used today.

The rose: the Valentine’s flower

As promised, we now want to recommend some floral ideas, strictly based on roses for Valentine’s Day.

First of all, many of you will not know that the association between the rose flower and love comes from ancient Greece, in which the rose symbolized the Goddess Aphrodite. Then the rose became a symbol of purity and femininity in the middle Ages and later was also associated with the purity of the Madonna. So the rose is really a delicate and majestic symbol, ideal for the Valentine’s Day. Attention, the rose must be red, because red symbolizes true love, passion and desire.

So if you are in crisis and do not know what to give to your, here’s what we recommend:

  • Rose and red: classic red roses, which always make a good impression.
  • Heart of mixed roses: an original idea to surprise your sweetheart. Roses can be of various colors, so next to red roses, a symbol of love, you can add the white rose synonymous with loyalty and spiritual love or a yellow rose, to symbolize your jealousy for the beloved – you know a little jealousy never hurts. Roses with soft toys: if you feel particularly romantic you can add a sweet stuffed toy to your roses, your partner will certainly be amazed by this tender find.
  • Give a rose or more, is a beautiful gesture, but there are some precautions that cannot be missed.
  • The ticket: do not forget the ticket that accompanies the flowers, useful not because your loved one does not know who the roses come from – hopefully – but because this is an opportunity to remind them of your love. You can use a simple I love you or a memory or a romantic phrase taken from a book.
  • How? How are the roses delivered? OK, you can just deliver them yourself on Valentine’s Day, maybe before your romantic dinner, but why not surprise her even more? In fact, you could organize a special delivery maybe at work: believe it, this will drive you crazy.

Well, we hope that with our suggestions now you will know what to give to your partner for Valentine’s Day.