The Reality of Weight Loss Without Exercise

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There are many different things that affect our body size including lifestyle, diet, genes, and age, among others. Before embarking on any effort to lose your weight, it is advisable that you identify what could be making you gain more weight than your peers who probably have a similar lifestyle as yours. For genes, there is less you can do, but all of the other factors influencing your weight are easy to control. The good thing about exercise is that apart from losing weight, you also gain body strength and power. Lack of exercise also affects your metabolism and body functionality. Not everyone can do intensive workouts to get their weight in check due to physical limitations, and this is where losing weight without exercise comes in.

Eat a good breakfast

A healthy breakfast is key to starting your day and you should pay attention to what you eat. You are allowed to eat a good portion at this time because you need the energy to carry out the day’s tasks. You should eat food that is rich in fiber and heavy in protein to keep you full and satisfied for a long time without having cravings to binge. You can consider eggs, yogurt, oatmeal, and other similar foods for breakfast

Reduce the portion size

It is very hard to prevent yourself from eating when you can still see mouth-watering food even when you are already full. You are always eating more than you need to, and since it is a habit, anytime you try to eat less, you will have the feeling of not being full. You may feel weak initially due to the changes in the amounts you are eating, but you can eat food that take longer to digest to have a filling effect. You can also include steroids from to supplement your diet and help you achieve your fitness goals easily and without much hassle.

Mind your snacks

Snacks help us to regain our energy before mealtime and it is recommendable. The only difference when you want to lose weight is that you will have to find snacks that do not add calories into your body. Fruit can be a good replacement for cakes, chocolate, and other sweets because they will keep you full without adding calories.

Keep a journal

Since you are into dieting as a way to maintain your weight, you have to have a journal that will help you to track your progress as well as the do’s and don’ts. It is advisable that you work with a professional who can direct you on the type of food your body needs with respect to your weight. You should also keep track of your weight all the time.

Get enough sleep

Include sleep in your weight loss plan to avoid producing more of the ghrelin hormone, which  increases the appetite in our body. When you deprive yourself of sleep, you tend to eat more, and this will work against your efforts. Always choose a consistent time for going to bed to improve your health.


It is true that you can lose a significant amount of weight through diet, but this alone leaves a loophole. You, therefore, need to design a diet that you can sustain and not just a quick fix.