The Ultimate Guide to Recover Data from Crashed Garmin Devices

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Garmin devices make use of the latest and avant-garde technologies to offer the best-of-best features to the users. You can use the Garmin maps and navigation or other GPS devices like Garmin Forerunner while traveling to find the route.

Navigation has given us the freedom from uncertainty during travel. Now, we can explore various different places without having any worry to get lost in the jargon of routes, all thanks to GPS devices.

With the latest technology and quality features, it has become one of the most-used devices. However, issues can arise on any device leading you to a situation of data loss. In case the problem is critical and you are unable to fix that, opt for Garmin tech support.

But before approaching them, you can try to troubleshoot the issues on your own. One such problem you can come across is data recovery. Multiple reasons can be responsible for the data loss but by following the steps given below, you can restore the data quickly.

In case your Garmin device has crashed and you have saved some important route maps on it, the device will get dead and all the stored data will be lost. However, you don’t have to worry as now you can transfer all your data from the crashed device in a hassle-free manner.

In case you also want to transfer your data to another device from your crashed Garmin device, then it is recommended to take on-the-spot and reliable Garmin help from our experienced tech executives at toll-free 1-844-742-9742.

But if you wish to tackle this issue manually, go through the complete steps to recover data from crashed Garmin device. Ensure to perform every step with great care otherwise, it will not give the desired results.

Steps to Recover Data from Crashed Garmin Devices

Step-1: Be certain that your Garmin GPS device is turned on.

Step-2: It should have high-speed internet connection.

Step-3: Connect the Garmin device to your system using a cable.

Step-4: Once done with the connection, power on the device and check if it is connected or not.

Step-5: If not, connect it to a WiFi network. Do not utilize neighboring networks to connect it.

Step-6: Double-click on the application’s icon to open it.

Important Note: In the case of not connecting to the internet, you may get Garmin GPS failed network error.

So these were the steps used for getting started with the data recovery process. You can opt for Garmin aviation tech support at any time.

Recovery Process

Now, here are the steps to complete the data recovery process for your Garmin device.

Step-1: As soon as you open the application, search for your device.

Step-2: Start the scanning process by hitting the given button.

Step-3: You can go with either advanced scan or simple scan as per your choice.

Step-4: Wait for some time and let the scanning process complete.

Step-5: Thereafter, expand the Garmin device and choose the folder.

Step-6: Find the recovery file here to restore the lost data.

Step-7: Right click on the file and select recover option.

Step-8: Wait for the process to complete.

That’s how you can restore the lost data on your Garmin device.

Other Issues with Garmin Devices

During the data recovery process, users may come across a lot of problems such as:

  • How to recover deleted Garmin edge file
  • Issues with recovering lost Garmin data
  • Unable to download Garmin .bak file
  • Issues with the Garmin connect installation
  • Can’t perform Garmin nuvi repair
  • How to remove Garmin connect retrieve deleted activity errors
  • Error: Garmin corrupted time data
  • Garmin doesn’t save the ride
  • How to reset Garmin Vivoactive HR
  • Problems while recovering Garmin lost activity
  • Unable to recover deleted Garmin files

You can get rid of all these issues by following the troubleshooting steps mentioned above. Or you can contact our customer support for Garmin at any time whether it is a day or night.

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