The Untold Secret To STOCK MARKET TIPS In Less Than Ten Minutes

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Hello Investors,

Epic Research  is very delightful to share some stock market tips which can help investors and traders to choose the best US stocks to maximize their profit. This Untold secret which you can easily catch-up in a very short time because i had seen so many investors who do not have time to read in their hectic schedule, so i thought to give them few point over which they can look up before entering in the stock market field or are already in this field.

Let’s open the mystery box of the Untold secret to stock market tips point by point so that it will be more easy for those investors and trader who have very hectic schedule.

Secret 1 : Opt Long term Investments.

This secret is going to play very very important role in your stock market life. As we bless our child with the saying “Long live, Happy live”, you must bless your stocks with the same saying so that your can get back the desired output of your investments. If you are thinking to be billionaire in a day or week then its my personal advise to run far away from this market, stock market is not for those who dream with their eyes closed. Stock Market is for those how run for dreams keeping eyes wide open 24*7 .

So I will suggest you to

  • Don’t invest money in the stock market if you are thinking to be rich in a night.
  • Do not invest in those stock which are at peak due to temporary market hype.

Secret 2 : Ask for Complete story not summary.

You may encounter many such people who will tell you that he/she made lots of money in the stock market just in one day, here its time for you to play smart and not just believe in the incomplete story or the summary he/she is trying to convince you for. Instead ask them for their yearly or monthly reports then only you can decipher the reality of his incomplete story (You will see downfall in his whole portfolio).

* Suggestion : Keep distance from those who tell you to be billionaire in a night and always pay attention to the real facts and figures of their story rather then the feelings of the story.

Secret 3 : Use common sense.

It is said that common sense is very common thing but you will see that it is uncommon in common people. Rather then just focusing on the financial terms like dividend yield, current ratio and P/E Ratio focus more on the fundamental values of the company before investing your money in it.

Secret 4 : Intra-day Attention.

Intra-day trading is considered on of the very risky way to invest your money in the stock market. Intra-day trading is also called High Risk trading by investors and traders. In Intra-day trading you have high chances of losing your money because of temporary hype in the market, you will think that it will give a good return but most of the time returns are not based on our expectations and they are completely opposite of your calculations which will make you to invest more money in the same stock in order to earn the money you lost.

*Suggestion : First hour of the Intra-day trading plays key role for your investment instead of the paying attention to last two hours which are most volatile, so set your limits for that one hour before investing and earn maximum profit.

Secret 5 : Extra attention to company’s profile.

It should be noticed that results (quarterly) of the company has lesser effect than the expectation of the market. The shares of the company will plunge if the company’s profit does not the expectation of the market and the share of the company will surge if the company reported loss and the expectation of the market was even more worst.

*Suggestion : Do look at the balance sheet of the company in which your investing your money and don’t just go through the overview of it get to know about it in detail and analyse the whole balance sheet then only come to the conclusion of making investment in that company.

Secret 6 : Importance of News.

News plays very important role in the stock market because it can gradually change the value of your stock. Instead of paying attention to just what is news all about, pay extra attention to “how the market is going to react to that news?”. Because many times news change whole of your calculations and analysis you have done for your investments and the expected returns from it.

*Suggestion : Keep ‘news’ as one of the aspect during your analysis and calculations.

Secret 7 : Game of Emotions and Patience.

It is called the ‘Game of P/E’ in the stock market who is also ‘Thanos’ of the stock market (Marvel Lovers will understand it) it can destroy people’s investment in just one snap just like Thanos did with Avengers. You have to keep your emotions and feelings far aside or more precisely if i say “through away” when you are making investments in the stock market.

Secret 8 : Bargaining is worthy.

It can play very important role in making good returns of your investments as it can help to maximize your investments with a minimum cost of expenses. This is also same bargaining as you do while purchasing foods, vegetables and fruits etc. from market. You must have patience and wait for the right time to invest in the stock until it is available at its lowest rates in the market.

Keep tracking and analyse the stock in which you are investing because the fundamentals of the company can help you deduce the intrinsic value of the company. And if the intrinsic value of the company is greater than the current price than it is definitely undervalued. And that’s what the main aim of bargaining “Focus on the Undervalued stocks”.

Secret 9 : Hot Stocks and Boring stocks story.

Hot Stocks are like the “Thanos Goblet”, putting all the stone together and snapping finger destroyed half the universe in Infinity war just like this, Investing all your money in the Hot Stock just because of temporary news or temporary hype in the market is a danger to your investments.

Instead of focusing on the Hot Stocks pay extra attention to the Boring stocks in the market because it will definitely give you a good returns in long run. Boring stocks are plants of your investment you have to feed them on the regular basis to gain sweet fruits from it. Rush can led you to eat the bitter fruit and patience will give you fruits from the investment you are making.

*Suggestiuon : Choose your stock wisely after analysis of at least 500 companies. DO NOT Rush towards Hot Stock

Secret 10 : Importance of Quality of Business.

This is very common mistake i have seen in the traders or investors i.e. they don’t know about the stock properly in which they are investing their money they sometimes even don’t know the very basic thing about the stock (i.e. to whom that stock belongs) they just blindly invest their money because of hype in the market for a very short period of time or they invest their money because their friends encouraged them to do so.

It very important to focus on the quality of business rather than just paying attention to the stocks. You must always understand the worth of the company, compare the company in which you are investing your money with its peer’s so that you can have a broad view about that company and you should also check the financial soundness of the company. This will help you to gain confidence before investing your money.

Go through deep analysis of this points before investing 1.) Interest Coverage Ratio 2.) P/E ratio 3.) Asset turn-Over Ratio 4.) Return on equity 5.) Operating Profit Margin etc.

I hope it will be worth reading in your hectic schedule and you make lots of money after reading the Untold Secrets of stock market.

Epic Research will always help you to maximize your profit in the stock market with its unique strategies and methodology of investment. You can contact anytime from anywhere with Epic Research Team to get help in maximizing your profit in the stock market and get rid of the headache of the temporary news about stock market.

Warm Regards,

Akash Rathore

Akash Rathore

Hello everyone.. I am an engineer on paper but Digital Marketing Analyst on floor. Presently i am working as a Digital Marketing Analyst at epic research financial advisory company located in Indore. Love to invest time in reading like minded people’s view on Quora. Keen to learn about Data science

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